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Pessimists are having a field day predicting a bleak future for Pakistan, considering the facts, as they are. Their prognosis may be correct to some extent, but to write off Pakistan totally will be a travesty. We all want to see Pakistan flourishing as a prosperous country, its people at peace, and its coffers full.

The question is whether it is possible, and in the realm of reality? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, but how? It all boils down to a resolute, aware and astute leadership, not travelling the oft-beaten track, but hacking out new paths for survival. These new ways exist and have been propounded many a time, in these columns, as well as by others. It requires courage, determination and selfless devotion to the task at hand, and the success can be ours.

These are not mere idle exhortations. History is full of success stories of nations who have pulled themselves up by their own boot-strings, and risen to the top of the economic world. Two nations – defeated and devastated in the Second World War (Germany and Japan) – are prime examples.

True, they were provided material aid, but their success owes to their indigenous labour and creative genius, not the greenbacks showered on them. Other nations too received huge amounts of aid and support, but their names do not stand anywhere in the same league as Germany and Japan. The so-called ‘Asian Tigers’ are another example of success born of grim toil and fortitude.

So for Pakistan, it is not a lonely journey. Others have set worthy examples before us. The lesson to be learnt is self-reliance and not depending on others to do our work for us. Once this grit and determination is exhibited in sincerity, Pakistanis can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have to set our priorities right and move the way Chinese have done, or Malaysia, or others, for that matter. We must give up, once and for all, the idea that only the West can deliver. This is the century of the South and the East. Our destiny calls. Are we ready to answer?

Courtesy: Business Recorder, 21/6/2008

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