Jun 212008

WITH growing shortage of electricity, different companies have launched promotional campaigns offering small power generators as prizes.

Almost every sector of the economy, either a financial institution, a home appliances manufacturer or of other products used in routine life, is promoting their business by attracting people to buy or consume more to get a chance to win a generator.

One important factor was noted in these campaigns that previously, the companies ran such promotional campaigns by linking the biggest prize, a vehicle, with their campaigns.

Now the scenario is very different due to growing shortage of the electricity. An important factor that was observed was that the home appliances makers were using small power generators as the biggest prize through a lucky draw if a consumer purchased an air conditioner (AC).

They also know the fact their business can expand if power is available in the country, as due to acute power shortage faced by the country, they are anticipating reduction in demand of AC in future.

On the other hand, some home appliances makers also produce power generators and through such promotional campaigns, they also market their power generators as well.

Interestingly, companies, which market contraceptive products, are also using power generators in their promotional campaigns in which they attract users to use their products and get a chance to win a power generator.

Similarly, financial institutions are attracting their customers that the more they use their credit cards, chances of winning a power generator increases.

The financial institutions motivate their customers to use the credit cards daily so that they can enter into the lucky draw for a power generator daily. The mobile phone industry is also running similar campaigns.

Following the pattern of other industries, home appliances industry players have also initiated such promotional campaigns. However, home appliances makers have been attracting the public to purchase an AC and then get a chance to win a free power generator. In their promotional campaigns, they are motivating the people not to worry about the power outages but run their ACs on power generators.

Advertisements industry officials said that in the current scenario in Pakistan, power generators were the best source to attract consumers to buy a particular product.

They said that now the industry people were approaching the marketing and advertisement companies to prepare a package in which they could attract their customers by giving a power generator to them in a lucky draw.

A senior marketing official of a financial institution on condition of anonymity said that in the prevailing competition in the market, it was impossible to market a particular product successfully without attracting the costumers with some benefits.

Source: The News, 21/6/2008

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