Jun 202008

ISLAMABAD: Climate change will adversely affect millions of small farmers, foresters and fishermen in the country in coming years, said Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Chairman Dr Tasneem.

Addressing the inaugural session of a one-day national seminar titled ‘Climate Change Impact: Adaptation and Mitigation’ at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), he said water consumption by agriculture was 70 percent globally whereas in Pakistan it was up to 95 percent. He said the temperature would increase due to climate changes and in Pakistan the area that inherently arid to hyper-arid in nature would be more arid, badly influencing agro production.

He stressed the need for conducting research into to ways to address climate change. He said past trends of climate change, changes in flow patterns of the Indus River System and associated glacial behaviours, and expected future impacts of climate change on the country’s key sectors, in particular water and agriculture; needed measures to cope with adverse impacts and develop a synergy between adaptation and mitigation.

Dr. Tusneem said 180 countries at a high-level conference held in Rome on world food security: the challenges of climate change and bio-energy and agree on steps to be taken towards climate-responsive food security policies and programmes and sustainable bio-energy policies and programmes, taking into account food security and rural development.

Moreover, he added, several short-term measures to address the food security and soaring prices, while long-term measures include increase investment in agriculture, science and technology for food and agriculture, international cooperation, transfer and dissemination of improved technologies and policy approaches, liberalisation of international trade in agriculture by reducing trade barriers and market distorting policies and address the challenges and opportunities posed by bio-fuels.

Former PARC chairman Dr Amir Muhammad, Saadullah Ayaz, Head CDM Cell, Ministry of Environment, Dr Kauser Abdullah Malik Member (Agriculture), Planning Commission. Dr Qamaruz Zaman Ch DG, PMD, Dr Arshad Muhammad Khan and others attended the seminar.

Source: The Post, 20/6/2008

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