Jun 202008

By Muhammad Ahmad Noorani

ISLAMABAD: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has shown its conditional willingness not only to impeach President Musharraf but also try him, only if all those who ever abrogated the Constitution in the country are also tried.

Member of the Rabita Committee and MQM central leader Haider Abbas Rizvi told The News the Muttahida would never support the impeachment motion in parliament if it is meant only to target Pervez Musharraf but if the federal government devised a strategy to punish all those who abrogated the Constitution, the MQM would support it.

The condition put forward by the MQM matches the manifesto and basic objectives of the PPP, which clearly state that all those who abrogated the Constitution at any time must be punished.

“Not only those who abrogated the Constitution but also those who supported them in doing so should also be prosecuted under the law and just one person should not be attacked,” Haider Abbas Rizvi said.

He added: “If the government will move forward to try all those conspirators who abrogated or supported the abrogation, the MQM would definitely support the government in not only impeaching Musharraf but also trying all the former Army men involved in such heinous crimes.” Haider Abbas Rizvi clarified the MQM never supported dictators in the past and it will not do so now.

The News, 20/6/2008

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