Jun 192008

Fasi Zaka

The leader of the PML-N tries his hand at penning poetry.

I say, think not of yourselves but of your country,

At least, that is my favorite form of pageantry,

In this great land all we need now is to grandly reconcile,

Even I, from Saudi Arabia, have changed my domicile.

My latest love is nothing less than an independent judiciary,

Let’s restore the chief justice, I say, with a hint of demagoguery.

The rule of law is what I truly and wholly believe in,

Unless it’s Sajjad Ali Shah who does the adjucating.

What the PPP is doing on the judges has left me stunned,

I think they will see the light if only they prayed at Raiwand.

But I think I know what is causing the PPP’s crass expediency,

It must be the root of all evils, a conspiracy from the presidency!

I am tired of the PPP ignoring what I have promised to the electorate,

I fell for the oldest trick in the books of switch and bait.

From Murree to Dubai to London to get everything done and filed,

All I have to show for it is some points on my frequent flier miles.

But, worry not comrades because to my promise I shall remain true,

In my brand new Pajero I will stop to march on Constitution Avenue.

My brother is also the CM and a helping political animal,

He was the one who told the Punjab police not to be at the capital.

I will make speeches that will extol the virtues of restoring the judges,

I will promise once again that I shall remain true and never budge.

I shall speak against all who did this to them, but will speak a little subtly,

I will choose to verbally lambast all easy targets, except my friends the PPP.

Whenever I have the chance I like to have my cake and eat it too,

I am not in the cabinet but support the government, just for you.

The government has just put a bill to increase the judges in deployment,

I have not sold out my friends; it’s just that I believe in more employment.

What a wonderful time it was when I was the Prime Minister,

I thought the solutions were a yellow cab and a cash register.

But times have changed and people want more than a yellow car,

Its not enough to make motorways, what they want is Iftikhar.

It was tough when I was in jail, it changed me fundamentally.

I roughed it, can you believe it for breakfast not even nihari?

I now have a renewed focus on deliberating,

Which is why I promise there was no sit in.

I will be working quietly, but the shouting will grow,

Saying everything, but not about the hated NRO.

I promise together we will change the terrible political landscape,

I can do it: after all I found a way to fertile my barren scalp plate.

The writer is a Rhodes scholar and former academic. Email: fasizaka@yahoo.com

 The News, 19/6/2008




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