Jun 162008

Plans afoot to build cycling track on roads

Behzad U Asad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has mapped out a plan to replace electric streetlights with solar ones, sources said.

The new system would help save energy and reduce maintenance cost, sources said, adding that tenders were being invited from local and international firms for the project.

Solar streetlights would be installed on all main highways and avenues, in residential areas and at parking lots and parks, sources said.

At night the solar light turns on by itself, using the electricity stored in the batteries during the day. Besides, it requires no wiring.

At present CDA is paying huge sums to Wapda in streetlights bills.

Meanwhile, plans are also afoot to build tracks for cyclists alongside roads in the capital. Lack of cycling tracks is creating a lot of problems for cyclists. Mirza Babar, a resident of Sector I-8 Mirza Babar, who goes for exercise on his bicycle daily, urged the authorities to build cycling tracks as soon as possible. He hailed the CDA’s plan and appealed to the authorities to promote bicycle use in the capital.

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