Jun 152008

* Several butchers selling meat marked as ‘fit only for animals’
* CDGL report says 28% meat sold in city markets not fit for humans


LAHORE: A city government special magistrate on Saturday raided Tollinton Market and confiscated 150 kilogrammes of substandard meat, marked as fit only for animals, being sold to customers without telling them about its quality.

Talking to Daily Times, Special Magistrate Dr Anjum Aizaz said, “We noticed substandard beef being sold in the market and confiscated it. We destroyed the meat by sprinkling chemicals on it.” He added that cases had also been registered against six butchers. Another city government official told Daily Times that according to a report, 28 percent meat being sold in the city was not fit for human consumption. He said that many butchers in the city were selling meat of dead or sick animals to people without telling them about the quality of the meat. He said that earlier this practice was limited to katchi abadis only, but now it has reached major city markets.

The official said that the meat confiscated from Tollinton Market on Saturday was brought from the slaughterhouse to be sold as animal food, but was being at the same price as fresh beef. He said the meat was being sold to the people without telling them about its quality. He said the substandard meat was “dangerous for humans because only animals can digest it”.

Tollinton Market President Tariq Javed confirmed that some butchers at the market were selling substandard meat along with the fresh one. He also said that the substandard meat was only fit for animals and should not be consumed by humans. He said he had asked many of the butchers not to sell substandard meat, but they did not pay attention.

He said that he had also asked the government to stop the selling of cats and dogs in the market to prevent any possibility of meat of cats and dogs being sold. He said that currently, no one was selling dog meat in the market, but some years ago, such incidents had been reported in several other parts of the city.






Source: Daily Times, 15/6/2008

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