Jun 152008

LAHORE: Kis ko keh rahe ho, a play by Lahore Arts Council, was an effort to revive the olden and golden form of Urdu drama. The seven-day event concluded on Friday.

The success of the play showed the strength of Urdu drama, because the play was admired by the audience.

Amjad Islam Amjad wrote the play in early 80s. It was a hit at that time and haray rang ki chadar, a role played by legendary actor, Romana (late), had become the talk of the town.

Theatre director Ahmad Bilal designed the remake of the play. He directed the play in a unique way and crafted it in a modern style, so that one can enjoy the story as well as take pleasure in various theatrical forms. He has done a good job by blending a new team of actors with some legendary stars like Mujahid Abbass, Anwer Ali and Khalid Butt.

In addition to that he also took feedback from the audience for the betterment of the theatre.

Talking to Daily Times, Bilal said, “I took the play as a research project and tried to evolve a form of theatre, which will prove to be a crowd-puller.” He admired the new talent and appreciated their contribution to the play and the theatre.

Amjad Islam Amjad appreciated the direction and production of the play. He said, “We should encourage our youngsters to develop excellence, as they have talent and skills. The direction of the play was not that easy, because the director had to deal with a tricky plot, intriguing lines and old and new actors both.”

Majid Rana, a young actor, said, “We need a thorough platform of performing arts, so that we can work as true professionals. If we will not be properly equipped, I am afraid that we cannot save our cultural heritage from the roaring Westernised thoughts.”

Aisha Malik, a designer, said, “The play was an attempt to let other realise that with a strong script and production quality, one can attract a large audience.”

Khalid Butt, Mujahid Abbass and Anwer Ali are professionals, while Hina Sajjad, in the role of a sister; Majid Rana, in the role of a doctor; and Abdul Basit, in the role of a mechanic; truly meet the standards of professionalism. The audience also applauded role of sain (Ahmad), wife (Leena), Film Actress (Humaira), Servant (Zubair) and doctor (Usman).

Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran was the chief guest on the final night. He appreciated the clarity and precision of the script and valued decency of the play.

Source: Daily Times, 15/6/2008

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