Jun 142008

District Coordination Officer (DCO) Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta says the government will preserve the culture of the Walled City and provide all basic amnesties to the residents.
He said this at a meeting attended by town municipal officers, non-government organisation officials and union council nazims here on Friday. Mr Bhutta said the city district government would not demolish ancient buildings and basements would not be allowed in any building in the Walled City. ‘Tharras‘ or informal meeting places on streets and wrestlers ‘akharas‘ or rings would be revived and residents would be provided facilities of parks, dispensaries, schools, utility stores and community centers, he said. All dilapidated buildings will be renovated in the summer vacations.

He said the Solid Waste Management was told to deploy sanitary workers in the Walled City. New tube wells and filtration plants were also being installed for providing potable water to the residents. A five-member committee was made to submit proposals for provision of facilities to Walled City residents by Sunday, he said.

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, 14/6/2008

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