Solar Energy Systems in Pakistan: Dark nights of Thar about to light up

THARPARKAR: Mohammed Yousuf Memon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), has said a positive change is about to come in the life of the people of Tharparkar as dark nights of Thar are going to light up with the execution of a rural electrification project.
He directed Dr Riazuddin Abro, Project Director, Sindh, to ensure sustainability of the Solar Home Systems (SHS) as installed through the AEDB at district Tharparkar. The AEDB has so far completed 1,048 SHS in 20 villages of Mithi Taluka, including Cheechari, Godangri, Doonjh, Peeloro, Pio/Qombotio, Godhio, Lanja, Sonath, Chachi Dhoni, Aqib Junejo, Chorel, Sohrab Junejo, Wadhan, Manjithi, Ali Muhammad Lanja, Jaroonbhri, Kangeni and Unri. Whereas the installation work of 159 SHS is under progress in the villages of Mehari and Sujaveri.

Meanwhile, PD Sindh, Dr Riazuddin Abro, visited the villages of Mithi Taluka on Thursday and advised team members to resolve the technical problems related with the SHS on a priority basis so that the people of Tharparkar district could be benefited from this very pioneer electrification project.

The project, named as the Rural Electrification Project (REP), is working under the Federal Ministry of Water and Power. A total of 3,000 solar home systems are approved for all the four talukas of Tharparkar in the first term, including 1,048 SHS in Mithi, 452 SHS in Diplo, 967 SHS in Chachro and 533 SHS in Nangarparkar. The maintenance and sustainability of the system is dependent directly on regular payments of monthly charges and full cooperation with recovery officials.

Abro said the system provided light through energy-savers (CFLs) and LEDs along with half point for charging batteries of telephone sets. By dint of such a blessing, he added, the people of Thar are now expecting a positive change in their life.


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  1. iwant to install the solar system in my home. I am living in Hyderabad Sindh. My consumption details are ceiling fan 4 No. Saver 32 Watts 5 No. Refrigerator large size, Water Rotor i No. medium size, Iron 1 no. 1 socket for mobile charging / laptop charging. How much cost required. please send me full detail.
    Thanking you.

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