Jun 122008

Fasi Zaka

Two leaders of the greatest political parties in the country get together to discuss their nation…

The Archer: Hello. It’s good to see you, now that you are no longer my enemy.

The Lion Tamer: You, too, my former enemy, who is the enemy of my other Enemy Who Jailed Me.

The Archer: Now that we are no longer enemies but confidants against another enemy, could you bring yourself to become the enemy of the man Deposed who I initially said wasn’t my enemy.

The Lion Tamer: Why are you always doing that? I am beginning to believe you haven’t been truthful to me about your enemies. My Enemy Who Jailed Me, who you say is your enemy, is going scot free because you haven’t done anything to remove him, but now you are trying to permanently dispose he who was Deposed.

The Archer: Ok, I tire of this discussion. Let’s talk about something else.

The Lion Tamer: My brother will become the CM.

The Archer: Well, congratulations, but remember I have the PM.

The Lion Tamer: Ok, fine. But my brother who became the CM has been undermined because your PM has appointed one of my enemies to govern over my brotherly CM.

The Archer: He who governs was your enemy, like I was your enemy. Why can’t you forgive him, like you forgave me? It’s in our best interest; remember, we have common enemies.

The Lion Tamer: Yes…but what about my Deposed friend who you treat like an enemy?

The Archer: Look, he is also my friend, I discuss his plight at every opportune time.

The Lion Tamer: But you do nothing for him; all it would take is a resolution by the PM who you are close to, like the CM is to me, you are to the PM.

The Archer: Ok, I tire of this discussion. Let’s talk about something else.

The Lion Tamer: Do you miss jail?

The Archer: What kind of question is that? I spent eleven years in a dank Pakistani prison…

The Lion Tamer: I meant living in Saudi Arabia. I spent five, felt like 20.

The Archer: Ok, listen; we have one small problem. The Enemy Who Jailed You is not the enemy of the Friend in the USA, who could shock and awe us. And the Friend in the USA wants us not to be enemies of the Enemy Who Jailed You because they are both enemies of beards who are feared. The Friend in the USA was actually very friendly about his friend who is the Enemy Who Jailed You. He said he wouldn’t be our friend if we were the enemy of his friend.

The Lion Tamer: So he is more the friend of our enemy than our friend?

The Archer: Yes, we better bend or it might be our end, says our friend.

The Lion Tamer: Ok, then the right thing to do would be to help our Deposed friend, and then this friend would hurt the Enemy Who Jailed Me.

The Archer: Yes, but your Deposed friend might also bring my freedom to an end, and that cannot happen since you and I are friends.

The Lion Tamer: This is very difficult; I wish we could all be friends.

The Archer: Look, isn’t it true that they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

The Lion Tamer: Yes, that is so very true.

The Archer: So let’s forget about your friend the Deposed because I am the biggest enemy of all your enemies. That makes me your best friend. And a friend in need is a friend indeed, unless his name is Makhdom Amin Fahim.

And so continued politics of reconciliation in Pakistan…

The writer is a Rhodes scholar and former academic. Email: fasizaka@yahoo.com
Source: The News, 12/6/2008

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