Jun 122008

* 20pc increase in basic pay for civil and defence personnel

* 20pc increase in net pension for civil and defence personnel

* Minimum pension up from Rs 300 to Rs 2,000

* 100pc increase in conveyance allowance for BPS 1-19

* Medical allowance up from Rs 425 to Rs 500 for BPS 1-16

* Increase in minimum wages to Rs 6,000/month from Rs 4,600/month

* Profit on NSS up by 2pc, rate revision now quarterly, instead of biannually

* Civil servants rendered unfit to work to get complete pension benefits

* Regularisation of contract employees from BPS 1-15

* Pay and Pension Commission to review emoluments of civil servants

* Customs duty on 1800cc cars and above increased to 100pc

* 5pc FED on import and supply of local cars with 850cc capacity

* Rs 500 customs duty on import of cellular phone

* Import duty on betel leaves up from Rs 150 kg to Rs 200 kg

* FED on telecom services up from 15pc to 21pc

* FED on banking, insurance and franchise service up from 5pc to 10pc

* FED on cement up from Rs 750 PMT to Rs 900 PMT

* Levy of minimum tax @ 0.5 pc abolished

* Basic exemption up from Rs 150,000 to Rs 180,000

* Basic exemption for women up from Rs 200,000 to Rs 230,000

* Uniform tax rate of 2pc proposed for commercial, industrial importers

* Industrial, commercial consumers to pay advance tax @ 10pc on electricity bills exceeding Rs 20,000, adjustable against final tax liability

* Income on property tax now to have three brackets from 5pc to 15pc on different income slabs

* Housing developers and builders to pay Rs 100 per sq yard on developed plots, Rs 50 per sq ft on constructed property.

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  1. very good budget

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