Islamabad: Children will have new fun place in capital

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With Capital Development Authority (CDA) planning to complete work on colourful Children’s Park in the premises F-9 Park in one month, entertainment-starved kids of the city will finally have a fun place to go to.
Spread over an area of 20 acres, the park has been planned in a way that it will be able to cater to the needs of children of all age groups. “The park will be divided into three zones according to the age groups,” said Dr. Faisal Awan, director of the CDA Project Management Office (PMO).

Faisal said that rides in each zone would be age-specific with areas reserved for toddlers, children in the age group of 6-10 and 10 to 14. “It was observed that children from different age groups usually had no choice but to use same rides whether they interest them or not,” he said, adding that the new park was designed to break that monotony.

To look after the little ones, he said that trained maids would be hired in the toddler’s zone and security guards would also be on duty to ensure safety of kids and maintenance of the facility. “We are working on placing matting required to protect kids from hurting themselves.” He said that there would also be an exercise zone for elders close by.

Faisal said that the basic concept was to develop an entertainment place that was age-specific. “We will keep on changing the rides as children get bored of the same rides every time,” he pointed out adding that rides for older kids would be more challenging and are designed while keeping in mind their mental and physical element.

Talking about another attraction, he said that there would be open circulation area available for kids to run around, as rides had not been put up close to each other. He said that no consultant was hired to design the park and the CDA was planning to duplicate the same design at Lake View Park.

With tremendous development activity going on in the capital, the CDA was criticised for not creating some entertainment place for children. The parents have no choice but to take their kids at Japanese Park with the highly unsafe jumping castle, operating in one corner of Japanese Park, the main attraction.

Another place where a big rush of people could be seen especially on weekends is the zoo. A fact well understood by multinational food chains is that people prefer to go to places where their children can have some fun. The main attraction for kids at international fast food joints are the play areas and the toys given away with meals.

Unfortunately most of the newly-developed picnic spots lack any such fun facility for children. The F-9 Park used to be one such place. Though the present facility is certainly a step forward, much more needs to be done to create such places which provided entertainment along with information and where kids could spend an entire day and not get bored.

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