Jun 092008

BNP leader Akhtar Mengal has demanded of the government to end all projects including Gwadar Port and IPI gas pipeline launched in Balochistan during the Musharraf-led regime, reported a private TV channel on Sunday.
Addressing a public rally in Kalat, BNP leader said that the rulers had ignored the people of Balochistan time and again. He emphasised on the political and economic injustices the Baloch people are being meted out at the time. He said only the people of Balochistan have a right over their resources in the province, but unfortunately they had not even been consulted before launching or signing any project. He held the rulers responsible for the grudge the people of Balochistan have against the government’s policies.
He further said that the people of Balochistan believed in dialogue process, but they had been pushed to the wall. Any apology consisting of a few words could never be an antidote to those pains the people of Balochistan had suffered, he maintained.
PPI adds: Balochistan issue is neither provincial autonomy nor it would be resolved by ’73 Constitution. Simply Baloch should be accepted as heirs of the soil.
Mengal was brought to Kalat in a big procession of motors from Surab. Mengal said that we would not spare any sacrifice for defence of Baloch national entity, soil, coast and resources. If any hurdle was created in our way or force was used, Baloch nation would not hesitate in adopting any way for securing its destination.
He said Balochistan issue is not so simple it can resolved by seeking forgiveness.
He said present government was staging a drama by seeking forgiveness and end of sense of deprivation whereas practically no steps were being taken. “Operation was underway in the province.”
The President BNP said Baloch never refused from dialogues but it has not forgiven bitter experience of talks with Nawab Akbar Bugti.
He said he was not released as a result of any deal.
Earlier, BNP leaders Senior Vice President Jahanzeb Jamaldini, Central Secretary General Habib Jalib Baloch and others said that provincial issue of Balochistan can not be resolved by provincial autonomy or 73 Constitution because constitution itself is not safe because of military dictators.
They were of the view that present government was following policies of military rulers of the past. People of Balochistan are being meted out excesses for the last 60 years while we were being ridiculed by speaking talks.
He demanded that operation should be stopped immediately, missing persons should be recovered and arrested should be released as well as people migrated from various parts should be rehabilitated in their areas.

Source: The Nation, 9/6/2008

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