Jun 062008

Islamabad—Speakers at a seminar on Thursday said that education without ethical practices is a double-edged sword that is inflicting great losses to society. Speaking at a seminar held at Rawalpindi Islamic School of Excellence (RISE),
Guest Dr. Naeem Ghani said that time is an asset Allah has equally given to all the humans and it should be exploited in best possible manner.
He added that education cannot excel until the teachers are not given due status in society.
Dedicated, devoted and motivated teachers can change that fate of youth in Pakistan who will rise to important positions in future,” said Ghani.
He stressed the need for establishing more ideological schools in Pakistan and demanded Government’s patronage as well as proper educational facilities for the dispossessed.
Known educationist and social scientist Dr. Murtaza Mughal on the occasion said that teaching is the noblest profession in the world and ethics should be made part of the curriculum for the success of the individual and nation at large.
He said the other educational institutions are being contacted to introduce “Nazariati” subjects. Mughal said that the subjects of community work, our great heroes and Quranic sciences should be included in the curriculum at all levels.
“Students should neither feel superior nor inferior and the responsibility in this regard lies upon the teachers,” noted Dr. Murtaza Mughal adding that educational institutions should stress more on character and not making money and reward system for teachers can make miracles.
Courtesy: Pakistan Observer


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