Jun 062008


ISLAMABAD (June 06 2008): Economic stability, strong defence and skilled human resource are parameters to measure the development of a country, said President Pervez Musharraf here on Thursday. Lack of management skills and any weakness of the leadership may weaken the country, Musharraf said while addressing the second convocation of the National Defence University (NDU).

Musharraf is Chancellor of the NDU. Talking on the role of governments, the President said the governments in general need to ensure strong defence, welfare and security to meet internal and external threats. He said stability and economic growth were vital to ensure progress and development of a state. He said if the economy was not stable or rising, it could not achieve the desired development objectives.

Recalling his memories in National Defence College, President Musharraf said over the years the institution has carved its place for in national and international institutions. He said the presence of a large number of students from different countries was a testimony to the fact and said the venue provided an opportunity for interaction and understanding of different environments in which they live.

He expressed the hope that the foreign students would also understand Pakistan’s environment and the compulsions under which it exists. The President also conferred degrees of Masters of Science in Defence and Strategic Studies, and War Studies and Defence Management and BS (Honours).

Earlier, in his address of welcome, NDU President Lieutenant General Mohammad Hamid Khan said the institution’s mission was to prepare future leadership from public and private sectors of Pakistan and other friendly countries through multi-disciplinary educational and research programmes.

He said the focus was on security, defence and strategic studies. He said that the institution has run seven workshops on national security issues apart from its normal courses and a total of 405 participants have qualified. The convocation was attended by General Tariq Majid, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, foreign diplomats and senior civil and military officials.

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