Jun 062008

Children develop diarrhoea for a variety of reasons. There isn’t any specific diet that is recommended for all cases of diarrhoea, but bland foods generally work better. A full appetite usually is a good indication that a child has recovered from an illness, the US National Library of Medicine says.

The agency offers this list of some common causes of diarrhoea in children:

Health Tips

* Taking antibiotics

* Eating too much fruit or drinking too much fruit juice

* A sensitivity to a particular food

* An illness or infection

You should contact a doctor as soon as possible if:

* Diarrhoea contains blood or mucous

* Diarrhoea develops just after travel abroad or a camping trip

* Diarrhoea is accompanied by repeated vomiting, fever or abdominal cramps

* Diarrhoea is severe, or lasts longer than two days.

* Diarrhoea goes away and then returns, or the child is losing weight

* Diarrhoea appears to be causing dehydration


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