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By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: Dina Khan, the defiant daughter of nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan, made shocking disclosures on Saturday about the secret investigation to which she was subjected to in London in March 2004 by two agents of the MI-5, the British spy agency.

These James Bonds were in search of “blueprints of the bomb” which they thought she might have smuggled out of her father’s house to London.Dina Khan has also made a stunning disclosure about how the British spy agency had even tried to hire her services to gather information about the role of the Pakistan government’s involvement in the nuclear issue but she had refused to work for them.

Dina disclosed that the British agents had also asked her to provide information about any knowledge she had about the Pakistan government’s involvement in nuclear proliferation. But she did not tell them anything, as she knew it would put her father in a more difficult position.

“I could not take the risk of him (AQ Khan) being harmed or taken off to jail somewhere” Dina Khan told The News. Dina said the one-hour-long conversation ended with them telling her that she should try to acquire more information when she went to Pakistan and give them a call on her return to London. “I was also told that any information I gave them would be confidential and would not be passed on to the Pakistani authorities” Dina said.

In her first interview with The News since Dr Khan got the big opportunity to speak out in the public to defend his position, the first time in four years, Dina Khan regretted that only her father was made the scapegoat and others who were involved were let off cheaply.

A few months before Dina was investigated by the agents of the British spy agency, there were some reports in the national and international media that perhaps Dr Khan had given some secret documents and tapes to her daughter to take them to London and use them at some proper time in case he was harmed.

It was reported that perhaps the secret material carried by Dina Khan to London from her father’s house in Islamabad had some undeniable evidences about the involvement of some top Army generals and others in nuclear trafficking from Pakistan to other countries.

But Dr Khan was greatly hurt to know that only he was made the target of this nuclear proliferation scam while the rest of the top guns, who were part of this whole plan, were simply let off the hook. In the light of these reports, President Pervez Musharraf was said to have approached the MI-5 to investigate Dina Khan when she was in London and try to get the material from her possession before she could use anything against him or his generals.

Giving her account, Dina said, “I was interviewed at home in March 2004. But, nobody searched my house. One evening I received a call at around 8 pm and was told that they (two men) were in the neighbourhood and would like to speak to me.”

She told them it was fine and they arrived a few minutes later. Dina said at that time there had been a lot of stories in the press about how she had supposedly smuggled tapes and other information out of Pakistan for her father so she was not surprised to hear from them.

Dina recalled that the two gentlemen spent about an hour with her. “They asked me questions about what I knew about my father’s situation and how aware I had been of his activities,” she said. She told them that she only knew what she had heard from the press.

Dina told the agents it was clear to her that her father was being set up as a “scapegoat”for the government. Dina told the men that she was surprised they had not visited her earlier, and they asked her why.

“I replied that since the news had been full of reports discussing my having taken information out of Pakistan, I expected them to question me about it.” She said they proceeded to ask her what she had brought with her from Pakistan. “Did I have any tapes?” they put a direct question.

Since she never had any tapes, she told them so. Dina was also asked whether she had brought any other documents with her. When she asked what they meant by documents, she was told “perhaps blueprints for the bomb”. “laughed when I heard that and told them that they obviously did not know my father since he would never put his daughter in any kind of danger or trouble by giving her something like that,” Dina told this correspondent.

Source: The News, 2/6/2008

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