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Have you ever sat down to study but found yourself at a loss and didn’t know what to do? Where to start, how to learn and how to develop and understand concepts? Here are a few tips to make studying much more easier:

Set a target

Set a target for yourself and be clear about what exactly you have to study. Start off with difficult subjects and leave the easier ones for the end since studying gets difficult, as your mind tends to get exhausted with time. Allocate a particular period of time to each subject, after analyzing how much time you need to devote to each topic.


The room in which you are studying should be airy, moderately cool and has ample light. Place your cell phone away and on silent mode.


Concentrate on the subject and do not think about irrelevant stuff. Start with the name of God and try to accomplish the goal you have set for yourself by the end of your study session.

Read aloud

Try to read aloud, because it has scientifically been proved that reading aloud is more effective in helping one retain the content. Also, look at the illustrations and diagrams and try to memorise them as the human brain is more receptive to conspicuous images.


Instead of repeating the lines to yourself immediately after giving one reading, try to develop a concept. Note the key points or highlight them on the book. Rote learning may help you reproduce the content during the paper but forgetting even a sentence of the crammed material leads to a chain reaction and you tend to forget rest of the matter too.

Break up into pieces

Never dive head first into a pool of new concepts that would be difficult to remember. Break the content up into pieces and give headings to the content. This would make things easier to remember. Keep in mind that your studying stamina is built over time and once it is built, you can cover a major chunk of syllabus in one go.


Sometimes students come across an enumeration or a set of facts or formulae that are difficult to remember. Instead of wasting hours on trying to learn them, the easier way is to make mnemonics. Although time taking at the first time, but these can never be forgotten and make learning all the more easier.


Once you are done with the learning phase, repeat the key points to yourself. When you are sure that you have retained the concept, move on to the next topic. After getting done with the next topic, repeat again, along with the topic you did first. In this way you can have multiple revisions as you move forward.

Hard work

Remember that every one has a different capability and mental caliber but there is no substitute to hard work. You may need to concentrate more and spend a major chunk of time while studying but in the end consistency and regularity will pay off. Believe in yourself and in your hard work and be sure that God will let you through.Courtesy: The News

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