Jun 012008

LAHORE: The rates of dollar further declined in the open markets amidst fresh buying here on Saturday trading session versus rupee while the similar drive was observed in the rates of other major currencies including euro, pound sterling and Australian dollar.The rates of greenback further declined by 80 paisa on buying and 60 paisa on selling and its trading closed at Rs 67.50 on buying and Rs 68 on selling. Euro also showed similar derive against rupee and its trading finished at Rs 105.30 on buying and Rs 105.50 on selling, registering an increase of Rs 1.30 on buying and Rs 1.20 on selling.

Pound sterling was also seen in the loser’s list against rupee and its trading closed at Rs 134 on buying and 134.50 on selling. Declining movement was observed in the rates of Australian dollar versus rupee and its trading closed at Rs 63.70 on buying and Rs 64 on selling.

Similar trend was seen in the rates of Saudi riyal, UAE dirham and Kuwaiti dinar against rupee.

Saudi riyal increased against rupee in open markets and closed at Rs 18 on buying and Rs 18.10 on selling. UAE dirham also decreased and closed at Rs 18.30on buying and Rs 18.40 on selling. While the Kuwaiti dinar closed at Rs 248 on buying and Rs 248.50 on selling.


Courtesy: The Post, 1/6/2008

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