May 292008

Sindhri, Saharni doing roaring business

A mango juice glass costing Rs40

Prices to fall in the first week of June, says a shopkeeper

Bilal Akram

LAHORE: The arrival of the king – the mango- has turned people crazy as its sale has picked up tremendously besides high rates due to start of what is rightly labelled as mango-season.

The most popular varieties of Mangoes are Sindhri, Saharni, Langra, Dusehri, Neelam, Bangapali, Alphanso and Chaunsa.

The mango love has gripped the city markets and even one can find hundreds of roadside vendors doing roaring business.

Though many roads and busy chowks in the city are crowded with mango vendors, Ravi road, Yadgar chowk, Sanda Road, Scheme Moor, Railway Station, Bhati chowk, Circular Road, Multan chungi, Model Town link Road, Jain Mandir Chowk, Thoranton Road, Allama Iqbal Road, Sunder Das Road, Canal bank Road, Multan Road and Gulshan Ravi Road, are witnessing rush of mango eaters.

Even traffic jams are resulting as motorists stop ‘ for a while’ to buy the fruit from roadside vendors, little mindful of the fat that they have badly hurt the flow of traffic, on thin lanes especially.

Mangoes are the most widely eaten fruit in South Asia and some other parts of the world and are one of the top sources of Vitamin A and also have a good amount of essential minerals.

Experts maintain that mango is some sort of comfort food, imparting deep psychological satisfaction, because of their stomach soothing properties, due to the presence of an enzyme. Although at the start of season, mangoes are available in small numbers in the markets. But in coming days, all the markets would be flooded with huge varieties.

“People throng my cart, enjoying the delicious Mangoes. We are selling the single variety of Mango ‘Langra’ at Rs70 to 90 per kilogram in different fruit markets; however 8-KG Mango Box is being sold of Rs450 to Rs550,” said a fruit seller at market. He said that Sindhri variety is already hitting a success and by the first week of June it will be at its prme.

The markets, he informed, would be flooded with other varieties of mangoes by the end of this month.

He was of the opinion that the prices of fresh mangoes are usually high in the start of the season but it would gradually go down in coming days with more supply from orchards. The vendors are seen across the cities selling mango juice for Rs40 or Rs50 per glass. “We sell around 60 glasses of mango juice daily,” said a fruit juice seller.

Different varieties of mangos are available in the local market between Rs 80 to Rs 120-per kg. Last year, its prices were from Rs 50 to Rs 70.

Mango season is considered to be very lucrative for the labour class due to great hustle and bustle in the fruit markets, which multiply employment opportunities.

“It is a very delicious fruit. But now the poor can only think of its taste as it is beyond their reach due to high prices,” Nadeem Khan, owner of a mango shop said.

At present, the mango varieties including Sindhri, Saharni, Anwar Rathol and Langra are being supplied in the Punjab markets mainly from Sindh, as the mango from Punjab will arrive in the market during the first week of June.

Usually, a reasonable increase is registered in the mango price with its arrival in the local market in May but its prices decrease in June because of excessive supply and similarly the mango price also shoot up by the end of August due to short supply at the end of the season.

Courtesy: The Post, 29/5/2008

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