May 292008

By Khalid Khattak
There is a dire need to extract maximum advantage from scientific equipment available with the universities of our country and to train our people in areas upon which socio-economic development of Pakistan depends.

Talking to The News here on Wednesday, Dr MA Chaudhri added, “We should bring Pakistanis serving in other countries to train local people in areas like energy, environment, town planning, urban development and solid waste management, in order to bring a revolutionary change in our society.”

Dr MA Chaudhri is a renowned physicist. He is associated with Klinikum-Nuernberg, Germany, as a guest professor. He is the son of late Dr M Rafi Chaudhri also a physicist.

Dr MA Chaudhri said output oriented research could bring positive change in society. “It is unfortunate that a very small percentage of millions of dollars worth facilities available in our universities are being utilized,” he said.

Expressing concern over prevailing energy crisis in the country, he said solar energy and wind power, which were limitless sources, could have been utilized to overcome the energy crisis. “We should have trained our people on production of nuclear reactors instead of depending upon others,” he added.

It is unfortunate that Lahore is one of the dirtiest cities in the world, he said and added that by training people in town planning, “We can bring change in the society for welfare of our own people.” “Apart from this, sense of responsibility should also be developed among the citizens,” he urged.

Dr MA Chaudhri, who criticised massive investment being done on foreign scientists serving in Pakistan, said, “Mere paper-writing is not going to improve our condition.”

He added, “Our country crucially needs practical use of papers.” He said foreign scientists associated with different varsities and doing research in our country were being paid handsome money more than they could avail in their native towns. “To me its waste of money,” he said and added, “Research is a luxury therefore efforts should be made to do something practical for the benefit of our society.”

He said hiring foreign staff should be discontinued an d our own people should be employed in areas our country badly needed for socio-economic development.

Dr Chaudhri said that it was unfortunate that every third person was hypertensive or diabetic while public hospitals were in miserable state.

“When will we start realizing,” he said dejectedly. He again stressed upon extracting maximum benefits from the available resources.

He again questioned that why Nobel Laureates were invited every year from abroad and millions were spent on them from the public money? “There should be incentives for our own people,” he said. He added that, “At least give them (our people) recognition if facilities cannot be provided to them.”

He expressed reservation over changing nomenclature of the Government College University’s High Tension & Nuclear Research Laboratory, set up by his father, into the Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics (CASP).

“My father came on special invitation of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and that Nehru had also offered him the second highest position of physicist in the country but he politely declined,” Dr Chaudhri said.

He requested the authorities to name the Church Road, where the High Tension & Nuclear Research Lab was situated, after his father’s name to recognise services that he rendered for the country.

He stressed upon merit-based appointments against posts like vice chancellors (VCs) of public sector universities and suggested that such posts should be advertised internationally in order to attract highly qualified and experienced Pakistanis serving in foreign countries.

Dr MA Chaudhri suggested that a provincial governor should not be the chancellor of any university an d added that renowned and qualified personalities and philanthropists should be appointed as the chancellors.

“Such people can arrange maximum funds for uplift and development of public sector universities,” he said.
Courtesy: The News, 29/5/2008

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