May 272008

KARACHI, May 26: Hyundai Corporation of Korea intends to introduce Packaged Power Station (PPS) as a possible prompt solution to the prevailing power crisis.

The general manager and country representative of Hyundai Corporation in Karachi, Jin-Han Chung, in an interview to the APP, said that the PPS would quickly and effectively cater to the electricity needs and meet the energy shortfall.

He pointed out that the PPS was containerised and transportable diesel generator with auxiliaries to supply electricity and could easily be moved to any area where there is a need.

Mr Chung pointed out that the PPS was installed in a 40-feet container. It is easily installed with minimum cost and shortest delivery time.

The lifetime of the PPS is over 20 years and it can generate electricity at low cost.

He said that there were three types of units with output per unit of one MW, 1.5MW and 1.7MW, which cover supply of electricity to about 2,000 houses. Installation of large number of units in an area can build a big capacity power plant of up to 50MW.

Mr Chung claimed that the Hyundai product could be the immediate solution to the power shortages in Pakistan.

Chung was of the view that the advantage of the PPS was the early power generation. Within 10 months of reaching the contract the power generation could be started.

He said that he had approached the officials of the Sindh government, as well as those of the city district government Karachi (CDGK).

He pointed out that the approximate cost of a unit of one megawatt would be around $1 million.

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, 27/5/2008


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  2. please tell me about new hyundai shahzore or the new model avail in market in lahore pakistan

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