May 252008

 –   the ‘noora kushti’ that has been going on between the two major political parties in power these days and how the reality of their relationship has suddenly been disclosed by the leader of the majority party, with some differences on how to achieve their goals and fulfil their agendas. People say political expediency makes for strange bedfellows and forces political entities to swallow bitter pills but eventually the unnatural alliance will collapse because of inherent differences in their ideology.

– the proposed sit-in in front of Army House by retired senior officers and what a laughing stock they have made of themselves in the circle of those who discuss such matters in social gatherings. People say the present chief is not a baby that he needs the support of these ‘has been’ men, who appear to be acting only to remain in the news, since there must have been an agreement between both parties on the subject of who lives where.

– the interference of political entities in affairs that should be of no concern to them and how this encourages everyone and his uncle who wants to be rebellious against the authority figure in their organisation or set-up. People say the saga of fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is a case in point, who was banned for five years for gross misbehaviour and flouting of rules but is all set to be bailed out on pressure from the ruling party.

– the ongoing struggle between the students of the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) and the administration of the Punjab University and how it has become like a sore that festers slowly from within, eventually to become incurable. People say the current tussle over the holding of a book fair is going from the never so sublime to the ridiculous with each side unwilling to realise the consequences and the IJT bringing in non-students to bolster their ‘street power.’

– the recurring cases of vigilante action by the public in dealing with men who are caught stealing and how adversely it affects everyone, especially children when scenes of such brutality are shown repeatedly on the electronic media. People say since there is no control over who watches what in most Pakistani homes, the trend to show such violence should be omitted by self-censorship, while keeping in mind that these transmissions also leave a bad impression about the country.

– the fact that after the PU being held hostage by students of a religious group the QAU in Islamabad is being held hostage by encroachers who have foiled attempts by the administration to erect a barbed wire around its perimeters. People say while this is a matter that should be dealt with quickly so that matters do not get out of hand, it is difficult to understand why the encroachers were not dealt with before they became so entrenched.

– the shocking news item that four of Sadequain’s priceless paintings are missing from ‘Gallerie Sadequain’ in Frere Hall, Karachi and the carelessness of the CDGK in keeping a strict watch on the building under its control. People say when such incidents occur in any set-up, doubts about the integrity of the officials are bound to surface and unless prompt action is taken to recover the art and restore it to its place in the museum, these will persist. – I.H.

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