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By Saadia Khalid

ISLAMABAD: Portraying a dreamy world of their own, friends Hassnain Awais and Naveed Sabir displayed their printmaking skills at an exhibition ‘Spaces Defined’ on Thursday at Khaas Art Gallery.

Both artists have different themes yet both are influenced by Italian School of Arts, it seemed.

Sabir told Daily Times he had graduated from National College of Arts (NCA) with specialisation in architect but experimented in printmaking for the first time.

“I wanted to explore myself through printmaking so I tried and succeeded,” he said, adding it was a good medium to express oneself.

One can easily judge the architectural influence on his pieces as he used lines and buildings portraying nostalgic moments of his life.

Using the technique of line etching, Aquatint, Mezzotint and Spit bite, he introduced dream-like images floating in open spaces.

“It is just my state of mind and one is free to identify himself with my nostalgic moments,” he said.

In one of his piece ‘Limited to Freedom’, he expressed his innermost desire to be free from all kinds of worries and tensions as he showed a caged man with birds flying free in the open sky. “For me, freedom is captivity as we have just became prisoners of so many worries and tensions in today’s world,” he said.

“One can produce a unique piece through painting but printmaking does not guarantees exclusiveness,” he said.

Dreams are fishy: One the other hand, Awais dealt with collagraph while symbolising dreams with fishes. “For me, dreams are just like fish as they disappear when you got up like fish slip out of your hands when you try to hold them,” he said.

Majority of his pieces are images of fish of different sizes with human figures. One of pieces in which he portrayed a fish slip out of a human hand described his whole philosophy about dreams.

“We cannot hold our dreams no matter how lovely they are so it is better to let them go and deal with reality,” he said.

According to Awais, a man cannot possibly spend his life by mere dreaming as he has to confront bitter realities of life.

Talking about the European look of his pieces, he said he liked originality but had not copied any artist or style.

Courtesy: Daily Times, 23/5/2008

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