Islamabad: Nadra to launch e-Sahulat from 23rd May 2008 37

Facility to enable people to pay utility bills and buy mobile scratch cards

 ISLAMABAD: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is all set to open the e-Sahulat facility at its kiosks from tomorrow (Friday) enabling people to pay utility bills, purchase mobile cards and get online verification of computerized national identity cards.

Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman A Malik will formally inaugurate the service by handing over licenses to franchisees. 

Of 714 applications from Islamabad, 192 were awarded the licenses, while 618 out of 1,813 applications were awarded franchises in Lahore. Three hundred and fifty applicants were given licenses in Multan.

E-Sahulat is particularly designed for low-income people to bring faster market access through an established channel by offering technology and business opportunities in rural areas as well as in cities.

The service will enable all the franchisees to provide services through their personal computers. It provides a single platform to each citizen for using multiple services through computerised national identity cards.

The biggest advantage of the service is its 24/7 accessibility. A finger print matching system makes the e-Sahulat an authentic package where transfer of funds is extremely secure. A very strong encryption and authentication system has been used, which means that e-Sahulat can be deployed securely even over the Internet.

Under the scheme, franchisees will collect utility bills, dispense pins for scratch cards (mobile phones, calling cards) and will also be able to carry online verification (Verisys). The franchise of e-Sahulat is being offered to motivated and energetic business persons on a prepaid basis.

The franchisee will charge a prepaid account by depositing cash at the specified NADRA Swift Registration Centers and designated banks and will carry out transactions till the use of that credit.

The franchisee will manage day-to-day operations, provision and maintenance of last mile media connectivity, ensure customer care and convenience, undertake local publicity and material required to attract customers.

The e-Sahulat project, with all the regular kiosk functions is first-of-its-kind in Pakistan. It can be operated through any computer from anywhere. This scheme is being offered in all the cities and towns of Pakistan where dialup or WLL or similar telecommunication technology is available.

NADRA will provide the finger-print scanner and kiosk software, back-end support including software and networking support, training for franchise personnel, advertisement and promotional support of e-Sahulat value addition by bringing additional products onboard.

TO Download NADRA e-sahulat form click below link;


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