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Schezee Zaidi

The memorable photograph of the fully grown ‘Pakistan-China Friendship Tree’ planted in 1964 by Zhou Enlai at Shakarparian along with other pictures depicting the rich and vibrant history and heritage of the Chinese people welcomed the visitors to witness the historical bond of friendship between the two countries that stood the tests of time.

The exhibition ‘Showcases of China’ was inaugurated by National Assembly Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza, who described the photographs on display as “highly absorbing and a befitting tribute to 57 years of common trust and friendship between Pakistan and China.”

Quoting the famous words of Mao “Our friendship is deeper than the ocean and higher than Himalayas,” the NA speaker expressed heartfelt condolence to the people and government of China over the loss of life and property in the recent earthquake. She said that Pakistan still remembers how China stood by Pakistan during the recovery and reconstruction process of the worst earthquake hitting Pakistan. She said that Pakistan stands by the Chinese people in this trying hour.

The speaker said that the exhibition depicts China’s journey from strength to progress and prosperity that is a role model to be followed by all nations. She said the photographs on display tell the proud tales of resilience of a nation.

She also quoted Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as saying “The relations between China and Pakistan have withstood the rigors of political weather because these are rooted in principles, geography and common political understanding.” The speaker said that the strategic partnership between Pakistan and China is also seen as a major factor of stability in the region.

Speaking on the occasion, the ambassador of China in Pakistan said that the exhibition is of a special significance as it marks the 57th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, one of the first countries to recognise China, and also the 30th anniversary of reforms and opening up policy implementation in China.

He said that Pakistan was always a friend of China, even 2,000 years back when a Chinese Monk travelled to this part of the world and stayed in Taxila where Gandhara civilisation flourished.

Talking about Pakistan’s support to China in the devastating earthquake nine days back, the ambassador said that people of China received immediate response from Pakistan not only through condolences, but also material support and emergency relief.

The ambassador said that the exhibition portrays 30-year achievements of China under the dynamic direction of Chinese Communist Party.

Earlier in his welcome note, Dr. Adam Nayyar, executive director of the National Art Gallery, talked about the reflection of the rich bonds of Pakistan-China diplomatic relations depicted in the photographs put on display at the exhibition.

The selected photographs on display portray the effervescent cultural heritage of China. Each photograph tells the tale of Chinese people and their colourful way of living. From costumes to festivals, from ancient relics to stunning scenic beauty, the photographs portray China’s legacy and traditions shared by people of different ethnic groups, tribes and religions. One of the photographs carried information about China having 100 million Monothean followers, 100,000 sites of religious activities and 300,000 clergies of various religions. Along with a number of Buddhist religious sites and temples belonging to different ethnic groups, one of the photographs showed a Muslim prayer congregation outside a grand mosque in Xinjiang province.

The exhibition was jointly organised by Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Embassy of China in Pakistan and Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

Courtesy: The News, 22/5/2008

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