May 192008

ISLAMABAD, May 17: The Pakistan Housing Authority here on Saturday held an open ballot to select 128 people for allotment of apartments which will be constructed in the federal capital and Lahore.

These housing units will be developed by the PHA and then handed over to the successful allottees on ownership basis. This is part of the mega housing projects the housing ministry has planned for shelterless people.

Out of the total, 96 allotments would be built in I-11 sector of the capital, whereas the remaining 32 in Shabbir Town Lahore. This scheme is exclusively for the general public. A number of such projects meant for government employees are in the pipeline.

As many as 1,002 people had applied for the scheme in Islamabad, whereas 64 applications had been received in Lahore.—Staff Reporter

Source: Daily dawn, 18/5/2008

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