Lahore: UK visa application processing duration announced

LAHORE: The British High Commission (BHC) on Thursday said the processing time for all visa applications was 15 working days. “The exceptions to this are settlement cases, which currently take up to 60 days to be processed”, the BHC said. The visa applications can be submitted online by visiting or submitted at one of the four UK Visa Application Centres in Lahore, Karachi, Mirpur and Islamabad.


Important advice about timeline for UK visa


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  1. can any one say to me. how lang does it takes UK settelment visa. my husband left me alone .he thinks he can not bring me to UK . if he can not get visa this year , my family will marry me to other man.
    if my husband could not mannage to get visa .
    he will lose me forever.

    because my dad has waited 2years for my husband. he alwayes promiss to get visa. since 2006 he is busy with visa , applications.
    at the end of the june my marrigement would be with other man.than my husband.

  2. I am suppose to visit England from 5 to 22 June to cover ICC World Twenty20, a cricket tournament scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom in June 2009. For which I have been granted media accreditation as well approval by the home cricket boards both England and Pakistan.

    But, ‘Lahore visa office’ is giving atleast 2 months time to submit visa application which is intersecting the event days.

    Please, advise the possibility to obtain England visa.

  3. British Citizen sahib
    I wish I could answer your question but unfortunately I do not know much about appeals and visas. I hope someone else will reply to your question.

  4. Hello
    I applied at a UK university and got admission there. I have already paid half of my course fee. I haven’t applied for a visa yet but the problem is that I don’t want to go to the UK because I got a better offer from the US. My family keeps insisting that I go to the UK instead of US because the fees have already been paid. It seems that the only way out is to somehow get my UK visa application rejected. Can anyone please tell me how can I get my application rejected without letting my family know that I did it deliberately? Can someone also tell me that what kind of a reason is given on a visa rejection letter (Is it a general reason or a specific one)? An example would be deeply appreciated!
    After all the Ivy League is much better than LSE.

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