Lahore has beautiful buildings and stunning girls: Emraan

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* Emraan visits Data Darbar
* Emraan, Sonal Chauhan and Mahesh Bhatt want more Bollywood-Lollywood joint ventures

LAHORE: Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi said he was fascinated by Lahore because the city had beautiful buildings and stunning girls.
Talking exclusively to Daily Times on Tuesday, he said the city was not different from New Delhi. He was on a two-day visit to Lahore to launch his latest film, Jannat. The actor said Lahoris had been “very friendly with him”. He was accompanied by his co-star in the film, Sonal Chauhan, and producer Mahesh Bhatt. The three film stars stressed the need for more Bollywood-Lollywood joint ventures. They said such efforts would help bring the people of the subcontinent together. Emraan said joint showbiz productions would also help the peace process between the two countries.

Jannat has been co-produced by Javed Sheikh.

Emraan and Sonal said they were visiting Lahore for the first time and were surprised to find that the city was ‘very different’ from what they had expected. “I will never forget the love I got from the people at the Lahore Airport,” Emraan said. He said he was visiting Lahore to “explore the city and to know its people”. He said he had been to Karachi earlier for the screening of Awarapan, a previous film, but had not been to Lahore then.

Emraan visits Data Darbar: Emraan also visited Data Darbar where he prayed for a successful future. He said he wished to lay a chador at the shrine and visit the shrine of another very famous saint.

Mahesh Bhatt said filmmakers from both Bollywood and Lollywood were making efforts to do more business jointly and share more human resources like actors and technical staff. He said the people-to-people contact in the subcontinent was improving due to the efforts of the showbiz industries of both India and Pakistan as well as the two governments. He praised President Pervez Musharraf’s efforts to improve Indo-Pak relations.

The three Bollywood actors attended the premier of Jannat at Gulistan Cinema on Tuesday. Hundreds of people, including several Lollywood celebrities, were present at the cinema to welcome the Indian actors. Their welcome included a fireworks show and releasing of several hundred hot-air balloons.

Courtesy: Daily Times

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