May 082008

Vows he can fly, walk on water, cut a human into three pieces with a saw
Has his company registered
Denies using black magic

Amir Nafees
LAHORE: A certain magician, to be precise, Prof Dr Roomi has claimed that he has within himself the power to vanish into thin air Pakistan’s identity, the historical monument Minar-e-Pakistan for 24 hours. He said if the government allows him to prove his skills, ‘it will take me just short of three months to vaporize the symbol of my past history.’

“I have thrown the gauntlet. The rest is up to the concerned authorities,” he added.

Dr Roomi who was born in 1973 is by profession a magician. Born in Mureedkay in the adjacent part of the provincial capital Lahore, since childhood he had nurtured and nursed his desire to be branded as ‘an international illusionist.’ However, he kept strict on his stance denying involvement in black magic, rather it ‘is all on ‘Ilm-e-Sinia’ (Knowledge of Greece).’ “I have excelled myself in this field as others do in practical subjects,” he added. “It is after much calm cogitation wherein I reflected upon the powers vested in me; hence my claim,” he said.

Since the past eight years, Dr Roomi had been making frantic efforts to register his company under the title of Mega Magic Show Company, but the scorn of the clerics had always stopped me. However, I have now been ‘blessed.’ He added that a miracle worked and his company was accepted.

He continues to mark himself the best among the lot of magician in Asia, but continued that his desire goes beyond set boundaries. “I want worldwide acclaim for all the hardwork I endured,” he added. He urged the government to support him and his company to make a name for both overseas.

“If only, moral, financial and logistic support is ensured to me,” he averred and appealed to the private sector to come forward.

Detailing on his art, he told The Post that some 14 years back, he had heard about a magician who disappeared the Statue of Liberty for a maximum of two and a half hour in the presence of thousands of people. “A documentary of the event continues to be shown,” he added. He called the foreign magician his master, who first instilled then aroused in me the idea to do something alike. ‘He is my David Copperfield,” he added.

“With over a thousand people gathered to watch my art, none would know that there ever existed a monument like Minar-e-Pakistan,” he said.

He said he had in 1997 met with the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, but he refused ‘me,’ claiming that he had petered out a model of Minar-e-Pakistan before the Sharifs in a private meeting for 15 minutes to ‘attest my skills.’ “Nawaz Sharif told me that the clerics would not appreciate me,” he regretted.

Among others, he said he can walk on water, can fly and cut a human into three with a saw, to then hear it speak normally after holding in his hands, the middle part of his body aloft.

“It is pure magic,” he asserted.

On another level, Dr Roomi however may own up to all skills, but rebuffs all attempts pertaining to questions digging into the origin of his tricks. He just mumbles, ‘Haath Kangan Ko Aarsi Kaya Aur Parhe Likhe Ko Farsi Kaya.’

It may be mentioned here that following an official announcement of the launching of his company, Dr Roomi held a news conference at the Lahore Press Club (LPC) and left the gathering boggled at his power. He changed the currency note of a denomination of Rs 1,000 into Rs 5,000, and then reversed them back to their original value. Mega Magic Show Company Chief Executive Muhammad Sarmad was also present on the occasion there.
Courtesy: The Post, 8/5/2008

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