May 082008

Anwer Abbas

ISLAMABAD: The World Health Organisation in collaboration with the health ministry is going to mark World No Tobacco Day 2008 on May 31.

The increasing trend of smoking is not only damaging human health but also affecting the environment, besides burdening the economies of many countries as huge money is spent on tobacco imports.

Recently the World Health Day was marked across the globe including Pakistan under the theme “Protecting Health from Climate Change” on April 7, 2008 keeping in view the environmental changes and their adverse effects on human beings, especially with regard to health. This years’ theme of the World No Tobacco Day will be “Tobacco-free Youth” because the smoking has alarmingly increased among the youth in Asia, affecting their health badly.

A few years ago legislation was introduced in Pakistan to ban smoking from public spots, general places and public transport. The said regulation was trumpeted in the media for a couple of weeks but later slid into oblivion.

courtesy: The Post, 8/5/2008

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