May 072008

* Rules covering students and temporary workers to be announced later this year

LONDON: Britain’s Home Office on Tuesday tightened visa regulations for skilled workers, forcing employers to prove they had no option before hiring a foreigner.

Under the new rules, potential workers will also be judged on their age and their ability to speak English, and the amount of money they earn. Potential migrants earning more than 24,000 pounds a year (US$48,000) would have a simpler time than those earning less. “Our new points system means that British job seekers get the first crack of the whip and that only the skilled migrants we actually need will be able to come.” said Liam Byrne, the immigration minister.

More to come: The new regulations are part of the government’s attempts to limit levels of immigration and will affect thousands of computer programmers, lab technicians, midwives and other skilled labourers that come to work in Britain annually. Another set of rules that covers students and temporary workers will be announced later in the year. It is part of a larger immigration measure meant to make Britain more selective in choosing whom it allows into the country. It is based on a similar Australian programme and was put into place in February.

Had the new regulations been in operation last year, the Home Office said 20,000 people would have not been allowed into the country. That figure represents about 10 percent of the workers who came to Britain from outside Europe. The new rules will not affect the movement of people from within the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. ap

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  1. Respected sir
    I am a engineer and want work in abroad,
    Sir,Please arrange job for me ASAP

  2. hi, very respect full sir,how are you /hope fine.sir i am the son of british national my father name is choudhry mohammad fazil (late) he doing job in royal air force as a F O T in 60’s to 70’s so sir i have his some job record plz tell me what can i do for british visa for skill work. i am skill worker in a many fields in machanical and engineering auto mobile,machineest,pharmaceutical machines,light constrection machines,earth moving machines’bit doing in electricity work and doing some construction work also.sir waiting your reply and i hope you will. THANKS AND REGARDS. Ch Asim Jamil.

  3. Brothers have thought about Oman,Bahrain,Qatar and Kuwait. Which never late: reason they need literally. All industries they pay well your. Not excluded as Saudi Arabia whom harsh! In working conditions regarding article. Britain problem is nationalism: since minister of immigration is East Indian
    and majority new. Merchant elite whom wealthy non Anglo but Pakistani. Indian they have tighen the
    rules why enrich my opinion. Faded glory whom cause turmoil for Pakistan. Bezair father remove Pakistan from Commonwealth of nations. No other words. exploit your commodities for British interest.Besides the internal security problems. Pakistani engineers in high demand watch out for fraud.
    You don’t have pay an employment agency. If so report it against the law why there paid. By the client
    gotten many Pakistani employment in Ummah. Places dangerous Libya, Algeria,Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Expect impeccable schools no Madrass for children. Gulf states and Tusinia besides authoritan
    regime of Ben Ali schooling is excellent. Free guest workers we need have economic agreements. Non
    Ummah especially Asia and South America if not India. Dominate there hate against Pakistan! Salaam!

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