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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) will construct new 37,000 residential housing units for the federal employees from grade 1 to 22 that would be given to dwellers on ownership rights.Federal Minister for Housing and Works Senator Rahmatulah Kakar said this during a meeting here on Thursday with the Chinese ambassador and three other members of the delegation from China.

The federal minister also promised that the PHA would construct one million houses for government employees on an annual basis with the cooperation of China. A Chinese investment committee has already been established in the construction department of the ministry and other Chinese-based construction companies are showing their interest to construct the mega projects of residential units.

The minister for housing and works said further opportunities for employment would be created with the investment coming in for the housing projects. He said this would help to fight poverty and unemployment. The Chinese ambassador assured that China would fully support Pakistan for the construction of mega projects.


Courtesy: The News

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  2. Anyone know when will that scheme of 37000 houses will start? what will be the covered area? what will be the prices and will the houses be build by govt. or they will sell plots only?

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