Apr 282008

ISLAMABAD – Judges restoration seems to be around the corner as some international guarantors including the Saudi King are ready to back the grand compromise between the ruling coalition, the judiciary, and the presidency in Pakistan.
Diplomatic sources informed TheNation on Sunday that on the pattern of the previous guarantee to the deal between President Musharraf and PML-N Quaid, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is ready to be guarantor for another ‘great reconciliation’ between the President and deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.
“Every one at the top should have a reconciliatory attitude towards each other in a bid to get Pakistan out of the ongoing constitutional, economic, and political crises,” sources added on condition of anonymity. They observed that the organs of the state in Pakistan are needed to be coherent in order to address a number of issues pending since long overdue settlement of judicial matters.
At the same time, the sources said, apart from other international players the European Union wanted political issues in Pakistan to be sorted out on the basis of universally accepted principles. 
On the judicial issues, they added, EU was of the view that the principle of the independence of the judiciary should be adhered to much beyond the mere restoration of the deposed judges.
The sources informed TheNation that the EU leadership was all out to improve their relations with Pakistan. “Trade is not the engine of the relationship between the EU and Pakistan, rather it has been the political relations serving as the vanguard of the interaction between the two prominently important parties on the globe,” the sources maintained.
Therefore the sources stressed the need to streamline political development in Pakistan. 
“Towards achievement of the national consensus on key issues, almost all the international forces both unilaterally and multilaterally would be keen to support the country,” the sources maintained.
The sources were of the view that the current economic difficulties of Pakistan including the shortage of food and energy do not allow the outfits of the state to indulge in any fresh controversies be those constitutional or political. 

Courtesy: The Nation, 28/4/2008

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