Apr 272008

Islamabad – When most of his colleagues are reportedly making anxious telephone calls to their friends in media to know their fate as promised in the Murree Accord, one of the deposed judges is as cool as cucumber.
Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday, one of the most highly respected and open-minded judges of our judicial history, is neither engaged in 30-day reverse count these days nor bothers about the political gimmicks in the aftermath of Murree Accord between Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) that vowed to restore the deposed judges within a month. 
“I believe in Allah’s will and that’s all,” the ever-cheerful and witty Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday told this scribe during a telephonic conversation here the other day. 
Justice Ramday, who is stationed at his GOR-1 residence in Lahore since being deposed, has recently returned from Saudi Arabia after performing Ummrah. 
Though whole of our political leadership is standing on the crossroads of history with a question of whether or not to restore the sacked Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Ramday was the man whose answer was with a loud “yes” when asked on July 20 last year.
Justice Ramday was the worthy judge who was heading a 13-judge full court that reinstated deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry last summer by throwing out a corruption reference filed by government against the top adjudicator of country on March 09, 2007. 
Earlier during a visit to the residence of Justice Ramday, this correspondent was pleasantly surprised by his composure despite losing his honourable job flowing the November 03 imposition of emergency and promulgation of Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO).
In response to many inquisitive queries, Justice Ramday only reaffirmed his faith in Allah. 
When asked how he feels when the clock is running against Murree Accord, Justice Ramday said he was least bothered about any such thing as he is all contented that what he did as a judge of the apex court was in absolute accordance with the supremacy of law and for upholding Constitution of Pakistan.
In reply to another query whether he feels that the Murree Accord was just a promise made by the political tycoons who together formed the ruling Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA), Justice Ramday said this thing was mot his piece of cake and he only prays before Allah for well being of the country.
During the conversation, Justice Ramday remained high spirited, courteous and attentive but he hardly mentioned anything about the political jabs and maneuverings going on for restoring the deposed judges with or without the former top adjudicator of Pakistan.

Courtesy: The Nation, 27/4/2008

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