Apr 252008

By Muhammad Yasir

KARACHI: Cyber crimes tribunal courts are yet to be established after three months of an ordinance demanding their instigation was passed, sources told Daily Times on Thursday.

The sources in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said the government had promulgated the new ordinance, ‘National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes’, on December 31,2007, to try fraud cases mentioned in Section 31, Chapter 6 of the Ordinance.

Section 31 says intelligence officials are obliged to file any case against an accused before a tribunal.

“As soon as possible after the commencement of this ordinance, the federal government shall, by notification in the official gazette, constitute the Information and Communication Technologies Tribunal whose principal seat shall be Islamabad,” the ordinance notified.

Before the promulgation of the new ordinance FIA dealt with fraud and cyber crime under the makeshift Electronic Transaction Ordinance, 2002.

After the advent of internet banking and other cyber business, around six major fraud cases have been traced by the FIA in Karachi. However, the agency has not traced many other such crimes, it is learnt.

Last year, the FIA investigated a Rs 4.5 billion fraud case against an accused who was allegedly selling fake pre-paid telephone cards in Sindh. A case was registered against him in a disctrict court. The sources said the agency could not detain an accused due to the new ordinance’s Section 31, but it could detain the accused under the old cyber crime ordinance.

Source: Daily Times, 25/4/2008

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