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Rizwan Ehsan Ali
Rawalpindi: Human beings were found guilty of destroying the beauty of the earth in the courtroom of young students here on Tuesday.

“This is your sentence: for every tree you cut, you have to plant a new tree,” the young judge, who was the student of Chaand Nagar School in Rawalpindi, told the human being in his judgement. The courtroom scene was part of Chaand Nagar School programme to celebrate Earth Day.

The toddlers presented some meaningful programmes that also included various rhymes like:

Reduce, reuse, recycle, words that we all know

We have to save our plant so we can live and grow

We might be only children but we will try, you’ll see

And we can save this planet, it with you and me


We recycle what we use,

Separate things and you should too!

Glass and paper, plastic, tin

Go in your recycling bin!

We must start now, we can’t wait,

Quick, or it will be too late!

In the courtroom scene, the earth walked in slowly. The student in a weak voice pleaded the judge: “Due to their (human beings) selfishness, I have become sick and very weak. If they don’t stop, very soon I will run out of all my resources. I want justice.”

Then in earth’s support, came in a tree: “Human beings are cutting down all of my friends. They don’t understand how important we are. We help keep the air clean and we add a lot of beauty to the earth.”

The human being had little to say in his defense before the judge announced his judgment, “Make sure you use smoke filters in your cars. Find better ways to get rid of waste. And do everything you can to make the earth a better place to live.”

Dozens of parents attended the function and appreciated the effort of students and teachers in making a meaningful programme on Earth Day.

In his address, the chief guest, Brigadier (r) Mohammad Ashraf appreciated the programme, and felt that such events could go a long way in spreading environmental awareness among people.

“I feel that urban areas of our country are getting more polluted than the rural areas, but if we keep little things in our mind, we can keep our city clean,” he said.

He gave an example of a competition in the United States recently in which a group of high school students won top prize by making a car which could run up to 2,800 kilometres in one gallon of fuel.

He appreciated the effort of students for installing a number of saplings at the roadside near their school.

“One day when these saplings would grow up, they would remind you that it was you who planted them,” the chief guest said.

“We can make our country beautiful. It was beautiful and I hope we can make it beautiful with our efforts,” he added.

Later an exhibition was also organised in the school, in which children had made various useful things from recycled material. A carpet, which was made with empty tetra packs of milk, was appreciated by parents.
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