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LONDON (April 21 2008): Rail enthusiasts looking for adventure will be able to travel by train from London to Dhaka when a new link opens later this year. The 7,000-mile Trans-Asia railway will follow one of the old Silk Roads through Istanbul, Tehran, Lahore and Delhi and the whole journey will take 23 days to complete, reports The Sunday Times.
It is already being described by train buffs as ‘the world’s greatest railway journey’ and will be longer than the Trans-Siberian railway, which spans 5,772 miles, the paper added.

Under a UN-sponsored scheme, Pakistan and Iran will link up their lines in the coming months to join the sub-continent’s track to that of Europe for the first time.

The UN said the link would open up new trade routes within Asia and give the former Soviet republics of central Asia rail access to Iran’s strategic seaport at Bandar Abbas in the Gulf.

The route was extended when the Kolkata to Dhaka line reopened earlier this month, more than 40 years after it was blocked during the Indo-Pak war of 1965.

The paper said last week, senior Indian officials met their Iranian counterparts in Tehran to discuss progress. It said that India has already earmarked 90 million pounds to extend its vast rail network towards its border with Burma. From there just 218 miles of missing track stands in the way of an overland rail journey from London to Singapore.

An intrepid traveller will soon be able to leave London for Brussels, Cologne, Vienna, Bucharest, Istanbul, Tehran, Quetta, Lahore, Amritsar, Delhi and Kolkata before reaching the end of the line in Dhaka.

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  1. UN Must also negotiate with the governments involved in reviving the road travel to Europe through Khyber Pass. Frequent travels by various people from different countries will further strengthen the harmony between the citizens.

  2. I fully endorse the view of Mr Seshadri Ramaprasad. I still remember the day when a new Managing Director from Lucas took over the reins of Lucas TVS in Chennai, we were thrilled to learn that he drove from London in his car. Free and frequent movement by citizens of various countries will certainly go a long way in the development of tourism besides the relationship between the governments.

  3. It is heartening to learn that the UN sponsored rail link between London and Dhaka will finally take off in the next few months. I only hope that while planning the duration of stoppages at various points, sufficient time is also given for the travellers to visit some important sites nearby and reach the respective stations in time for onward journey. This will be a added attraction to the travel adventurers as mere passing through various countries and travelling for 23 days continuously will cause mental fatigue. Further, information about reservation of tickets (eg. Delhi to London or Delhi-Dhaka), issuing authority etc and the web links are to be made available for followup.

  4. I wish to recall the pleasant trip I took to Lahore in March 2004 to watch the One Day Cricket matches between India and Pakistan. I cannot forget the reception given by the people of pakistan who stood alongside the track to cheer the visitors from India passing through their area in the train. Nor the great courtesy shown by a motorist in Lahore who dropped us back in the hotel after the match when we were waiting to catch some transport besides seeing us through safely to the lobby. People, every where are friendly to visitors. In this context the rail link between London and Dhaka shouold provide cheers to travel adventurists all over the countries this rail passes through. Ofcourse everyone awaits eagerly more announcements on this.

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