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By Ansar Abbasi
ISLAMABAD: A worried caller from the Judges Colony smells a rat. “Are you sure the things are going to happen as we are being made to believe,” the caller wondered. “Hopefully, it all would not end up in a political double-cross.”

While the fog that has enveloped the issue of the deposed judges’ restoration is now clearing up, the caller was still apprehensive. He was afraid because of some extraordinary activity that he claimed to have witnessed during the last few days in his neighborhood.

Just on last Saturday, he said one of his present day powerful neighbours received some important visitors, including a federal minister and a senior law officer of the government. These otherwise unusual guests stayed there for quite a few hours. A neighbour having close association with the host, meanwhile, also joined them.

The caller, to be on the tenterhooks these days, could not figure out the reason for such a marathon meeting at this crucial juncture in the Judges Colony. “This is not normal,” the caller said, adding that a highly controversial constitutional expert, who is known for distorting the secret document, had also visited the Judges Colony of late.

After playing vague for quite some time and despite signing the Murree Declaration on March 9, the PPP leadership now clearly says that the deposed judges would be restored soon through a National Assembly resolution.

Although, the world is not aware of behind-the-scene moves and manoeuvres, those who witnessed the visits of the unusual guests say that if the resolution is to be moved in the National Assembly and the deposed judges are being restored, then what is the reason for these strange meetings?

Like the caller from the Judges Colony. many still suspect if the promise made would be honored. The very continuation of the likes of President Musharraf-appointed Attorney General Malik Qayyum, Secretary Interior Syed Kamal Shah and the top Islamabad administration is adding to the confusions in many minds. These government authorities would be the most relevant to carry out the orders of the government for the restoration of the deposed judges.

According to a government source, the PML-N is aware of some background meetings of Law Minister Farook H Naik and Attorney General Malik Qayyum. The PPP has reportedly told its leading coalition partner that the background meetings are a part of a strategy to ensure the smooth sailing of the judges’ restoration.

Political analysts see little chances of any double-cross by the PPP. The coalition leaders, it is said, realise that if the judges are not restored for any reason, it would push the country back to political uncertainty and chaos. The ruling allies are also well aware of the fact that the judges’ restoration would cement their bond and make the coalition popular as well as powerful.

The PPP-PML-N coalition, however, would not prolong if the judges are not restored. The PPP and PML-N standing face-to-face would mean shaky governments both in Islamabad and Lahore. Early elections would be the only answer. The PPP leadership knows that in such a situation it would be a loser while the PML-N would be a great gainer.
Courtesy: The News, 21/4/2008

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