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Asif Mehmood
LONDON – Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of the cricket legend Imran Khan, is being accused of backing reformed jihadists as she has become a patron of an organisation called Quillium Foundation that will be launched this week to combat terrorism. 
Jamima said that the challenge to Islamism could only legitimately come from within the Islamic community if it is to have any impact. She has formed a group of other reformed Muslim radicals who will work for her like Hassan Butt, once a member of the Britain’s extremist group Al-Muhajiroun, who is so exasperated at still being the target of police investigations that he is willing to plead guilty to past crimes and take his punishment – if that is what is required to escape his former life. 
Hassan Butt claims Greater Manchester police are harassing him over suspicions that he is secretly still a jihadist. Yet he says he now works to woo Muslim extremists away from violence – and that the Home Office encourages his efforts. 
His predicament reflects a wider dilemma for the government: how far should it use draconian legal measures to combat terrorism and how much should it trust moderate Muslims and reformed jihadists to win over extremists? 
He rejected extremism and jihad after he was horrified by the London bombings in July 2005. “I also began to discover deeper theological flaws in the jihadi world view,” he said. “These doubts drove me to begin a battle of ideas with my former associates. Slowly, I began to recruit over a dozen young British Muslims, who used to be hardened radicals, out of the network.” 
When Mr Butt flew to Pakistan while preparing a BBC documentary about his journey from extremism he was questioned on departure and return. Police then demanded him to hand over the BBC material relating to the documentary. They have also demanded that a freelance journalist, Shiv Malik, hand over the manuscript of a book about Butt. Since Hassan Butt has not been arrested, the police demands were seen by Malik and media organisations as excessive. 
Last week Malik won the right to appeal against the “production order” to hand over material. Lawyers said in court that part of the investigation is “designed to determine, among other things, whether Butt’s renunciation of terrorism is in fact genuine”. 
Mr Butt protested that he had nothing to hide. “I’m shocked,” he said. “Why all this cat and mouse stuff? I’m not trying to run.” 
The former jihadist claims that the investigation is ruining his attempts to convert radicals. “People don’t want to see me. Obviously they know I am under surveillance,” he said. However, he admits there is a problem for the authorities in whom to trust. He claims various Muslim bodies have taken government money to combat extremism, but have done little. The Quilliam Foundation, which has not received any government funding, is now intent on promoting the view that mainstream Islam does not condone violence or jihad. 
Ed Husain, a former member of Hizbut-Tahrir, is one of the founders. Another patron is Lord Ashdown, the former Liberal Democrat leader. Husain, the author of The Islamist, said: “For the first time in western Muslim history, a Muslim group is challenging extremists using a scriptural and theological paradigm. There has not been a categorical refutation of Islamism by any Muslim groups, we are the first to do it.” He points out that even some respected Muslim scholars have not unequivocally condemned suicide bombings in regions such as Palestine but members of Quilliam see it as unIslamic. 
Quilliam will mount campaigns to show that intellectuals whose writings have inspired extremism in Britain, such as the Egyptian Sayyid Qutb, are regarded as “fringe” figures in the wider Islamic world. Majid Nawaz, another former extremist and founder of Quilliam, said: “Extremist groups should be starved of the oxygen and tackled in debates. It will be a long struggle, but it’s something we need to do.” 

Source: The Nation, 21/4/2008

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  1. These guys are wankers. The only way to denounce terrorism is to denounce Islam because Islam is without question the source of terrorism. I didn’t know that my religion actually did support and actually insist on killing infidels for no other reason then they were not muslims. And I really believed that stoning people to death and all manner of torture were cultural products of backward people. Like most muslims born in the west to so called moderate muslim parents I had never studied the Koran or ahadith. I believed Islam was the religion of peace. In hindsite the only muslims that I’ve known who do not believe in barbaric Islamic law are muslims that are not practicing muslims….like I was.

    After 9/11 and all the publicity, I actually investigated for myself what this religion that I identified myself as actually believed. I found that we actually did have a mandate to take over the world, by any means and force everyone to live under Islamic law, stoning women to death, chopping off hands of petty thieves, taking child brides in arranged marriages and raping them, up to four at once, divorcing them at will, taking slaves, executing prisoners of war in front of their wives and children, then inslaving them and rapping them in addition to the four permissable wives. It’s all true, and I can’t see how anybody is still saying it is not. Just study and see.

    I could no longer defend being a muslim on any grounds. If you choose to remain a muslim when you know the truth, you support all that barbarian behavoir, period. Why else would you continue to remain muslim. Don’t blame other people, blame yourselves, you are choosing to remain a nazi and are trying to tell the world that there are moderate nazis and expect them to buy it.

    The mere fact the Islam mandates death for leaving the religion is all the clue anybody should need to realise that it is nothing but a death cult.

    I’m an atheist now. I think Islam has done nothing for the world except repression of the people who follow it and those unfortunate enough to be subjugated by it. It is the sole reason that the entire Arab race has contributed nothing to the advancement of humans and civilisation and every country that is run by muslims is nothing but a barbaric shit hole country stuck in the dark ages. Compaign to leave Islam, reforming something so vile is impossible.


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