Apr 192008

By Hina Farooq

LAHORE: Defence Housing Authority (DHA) property agents are allegedly extorting money from people by using forged property agent cards claiming them to be ‘authorised’ by the DHA Estate Agents Association.

The DHA estate authorities have also received many complaints from people who have lost money without receiving a plot.

People from several villages alleged that ‘DHA agents’ sold fake lottery tickets for plots charging Rs 15,000 for 5-marlas and Rs 25,000 for ten-marlas.

Mr Shahbaz Alam said that an agent claimed he would help him obtain property at cheap prices and asked him to deposit half of the money. He asked the agent for written documents but the agent said that he was not authorised to provide such documents unless half of the payment was made first. After Alam deposited Rs 20,000 the agent could not be reached. Alam contacted the police and registered a case.

DHA Estate Agents Association President Major Waseem said that the parties that suffered should write applications to the authorities. He said that the cases had been registered in the DHA property court and were in the process of being investigated. DHA Spokesperson Tajammul Hussain said that there were many cases of fraud reported and the DHA had clarified various advertisements that were not in connection with the DHA.

Source: Daily Times, 19/4/2008

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  1. Hi
    We are overseas pakistanis and have been victims of a horrendous fraud in lahore – punjab society. Why does pakistan allow this to go on and then no buggar helps you especially the police, who are bought off by the bogus sellars. Why is there no justice in lahore/pakistan, this is why westerners dispise pakistan. Can anyone help us please.

    sincerely yours
    victims of fraud.

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