Apr 182008

Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui
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Mindset and outlook of people generally follow through role model behaviour of particularly those who predominantly matter and influence to evolve in contemporary society. In today’s tough challenging world leadership does not require power of wisdom, grace , humility and consciousness. All they require is strength, cunningness and guts to perjure, maneuver, manipulate and betrayal of consciousness. Though diction of two words “Integrity” and “Courage” today is same as it was yesterday, yet in the name of so-called “changed ground realities” by virtue of our hidden and obvious motives our clever and sharp minds keep on inventing and vending out new and most modern meanings of old and classic words. Grounds of ethical moral values have also shifted dramatically. Now our personal ethic is just our personal ethic. Using ethical base as standard to judge the behaviour and integrity of others, often lead to difficulty and disappointment. Gone were the heroes and gone were the days, used to inspire us and stand for our dreams. Gone were the days when word “Integrity” meant “knowing your deepest truth and belief. Word “Courage” meant knowing your own behaviour and moral strength to put that truth and belief out into the world. That courage of perseverance to withstand danger, fear , difficulty and being always ready to lose more than what one can afford to lose is now history. Yesterday it meant to have spine and hold your backbone to stand for standard values and principles in society. Yesterday it really meant to stand for things you cannot stand for. But today word courage means to have guts to contradict, betray and take U-turns. Today word courage means to tilt your spine and save your backbone because taking stand can be risky and today no one can afford to risk more than what one can afford to lose. In my days of childhood my father never told me how to live. He simply lived and I watched him the way he lived. In those ideal days leaders who were acknowledged were there to evolve not to build personal empires of controls and manipulations. Quaid-e-Azam is universally acknowledged as have father of this nation mainly because of his strong personal moral character, belief and conviction .

Leadership role models to set examples of wisdom and service have now changed to demonstrate powers and tactics of maneuverability, falsification and perjury under modern theologies of Zameer Ki Awaz and Nazaria e Zaroorat. Having the powers to affect lives, so-called leaders of today one way or the other seek mob endorsement not firmness in truth. Staying on purpose and approaching life with a deep meaning is no more rewarding and sustainable within itself. Now loosing your own identity and giving up all your reasons to live is the only way to live. Now there is no significant difference between having a life and living a life. In this age one can simply forget about politics and polity in terms of power and influence of morality, wisdom and service. As per contemporary manifestation there is no powerful institution in society then business. Major local and international political, socio-economic and even law and order decisions command business and financial interests. Major conflicts of present time are conflicts of commercial and monetary interests. Decisions of war and peace are made and influenced by multinationals. Fight for and against that so-called terrorism is the name of a cow that is milking out nourishment for those seven oil sisters and their lethal arms multinational dealers. This has happened mainly because of few faceless men and women in clutches of business tycoons and dream merchants who somehow grabbed the levers of power and overpowered the genuine mandate and conviction of societies. To perpetuate their stronghold on power, their exploitation of human weakness, curiosity and general interest in myth of change to their own advantages has impressed significantly on mindset, attitudes, and behaviour of people. To divert attention of masses from their miseries and to lift up their face value on their own turfs they manufactured, re-constructed, shoplifted, patronized and promoted new bunch of robotic birds to get plastic worms out of artificial grass. These fake and non-genuine robotic leaders effectively patronized their army of change agents to create more and more confusion and ambiguities in minds of people from different factions of society. Whereas localized socio political and genuinely educated elements in society were projected and propagated negatively as unpatriotic fundamentalist. This is done strategically in order to distort the faith and discard the system and belief of masses in democratic norms and principal values of society. Law as an institution is being humiliated cunningly to mix up black and white matters in order to create new and new shades of grey every next day. These grey areas and patches of ambiguities, confusion, uncertainty with a quantum unfold of unfortunate and chaotic incidents were strategically created mainly with the objective to fear and boggle up the minds of commoners and particularly to confuse the intelligent mind of those who seek endorsement and firmness in truth.

By the grace of Allah Almighty through results of elections 08 the time has very kindly provided us yet another opportunity to set ourselves right and live to die with grace and reverence. Whatsoever, all those alive men and women who were humiliated on streets and all those helpless creatures who somehow suffered to slumps mainly because of bad decisions of leaders have now issued their own writ through stampede balloting as a lesson for not only yesterday but also for today and tomorrow..

New and old people at levers of their power guns must now and quickly understand the real meaning of word reverance and must no longer take scolding with humility. Rock to all assaults of might and violence has now gained real democratic strength. Sacking of Judges and gagging of media, lawyers and other opponents they had simply drawn an iron curtain on our society. All those actions in despair neither helped to comfort our present nor they helped us to make our future. They instead made us collide with our future. Again the responsibility on shoulders of this new bunch of polity enthusiasts is mountainously huge than ever before. They all must strenuously try to redress the balance that is possible only when justice in society is restored to prevail obviously and visibly. They all together must let go the old trapeze and must no longer be scared of justice in society. The weakening of our country (God forbid) to the extent of a failed State and breakdown of institutions to the extent of taken over by mafias and cartels has intensified tribal, ethnic, political, religious, social and economic conflicts. This situation internally contributed to a country in anarchy and chaos that is so unfortunately still not clearly visible to those eyes wearing fancy goggles and enjoying all shades of green and blue. The attitude and capacity to overpower and imbalance of power on one hand and ever-growing sense of insecurity on the other spoiled the human relationships and shattered the confidence between State and citizens both within and across. Failing of justice, all groups and people individually and collectively in self-defence all these years fought the battle of their own survival.

In larger interest and welfare of people the writ of the new and fresh Government should now be sincerely exercised and asserted to minimize gaps, maintain social law and order and ensure internal balance among various factions of society rather than making the rich Richie Rich and the poor simply more and more poor. Honestly speaking our turned economy is now like a coiled cobra always ready to turn back and strike on us one way or the other. Inflation is as always a hedgehog having typical characteristic to every now and then burst out piercing spines and immediately roll itself up into a ball of financial statistics and numbers. Whatever happened good in past, unfortunately remained overshadowed by multi-dimensional scams and controversies. The scams and controversies which have mounted miseries to the lives of ordinary people whereas have generously distributed Heavens and Edens among favourite ordinaries people. No subsidized measure, no discount card, no package of relief and reform can ever work to beat out the miseries of poor masses in the presence of inefficient machinery of incompetent people who have been primarily trained and tuned to serve and protect only and only the interests of privileged and elite class of society.

Source: Pakistan Observer, 18/4/2008

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