Apr 182008

By Jasmeen Manzoor

LAHORE: Miss Pakistan World 2007 Mahleej Sarkari, talking exclusively to Business Plus in the programme “Newsline+ with Rana Mubashir”, declared her unconditional love for President Pervez Musharraf.

She said she would like to go on a date with the president of Pakistan. “I love Musharraf, I love Musharraf, I love Musharraf, and it would be an honour and privilege for me to meet him in person and talk to him,” she said.

“I like the President because he has a charming personality and a charisma that attracts me towards him,” Mahleej said. She said that she has been crowned as Miss Pakistan World 2007 in a beauty pageant in Canada.

Mahleej comes from the province of Balochistan although she states that it is a comparatively underdeveloped province, where girls are denied education and she is a witness to that.

“In President Musharraf’s tenure women of Pakistan have been given a lot of rights. His contribution towards building a better image of Pakistan throughout the world has turned me into a huge fan of his. I truly admire, respect and love him for all he is worth,” she said.

Source: Daily Times, 18/4/2008

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