UPS Brands, prices and types in Pakistan 148

UPSs with built-in dry batteries range from Rs 7,000 to Rs 117,000.

UPS 500 VA (300 VA actually) good for running 1 PC costs Rs 7,000.

UPS 1,000 VA (650 VA actually) good for running 3 PCs costs Rs 12,500.

UPS 1,500 VA UPS (900 VA in actual) that could run 4 PCs costs Rs 25,800.

UPS 2,200 VA (1,800 in actual) capable of running 5 to 6 PCs costs Rs 35,900.

UPS 3,300 VA (3,000 VA in actual) that runs 8 to 9 PCs costs Rs 45,500.

UPS 4,000 VA (3,500 VA) capable of running 12 to 13 PCs costs Rs 80,400.

UPS 5,000 VA (4,500 VA in actual) that is capable of running 15 to 16 PCs costs Rs 96,000.

UPS 6,000 VA (5,500 VA in actual) capable of running 18 to 20 PCs costs Rs 117,000. The back-up duration for these UPSs is between 10 and 15 minutes.

UPSs without built-in batteries and built-in voltage stabilizers and which require wet batteries range from Rs 7,500 to Rs 17,200.

The prices of wet batteries range from Rs 5,500 and Rs 9,500.

UPS with 50 0VA (300 VA in actual) with wet battery with 120 Ampere (Amp) costs Rs 7,500 + Rs 5,500 = Rs 13,000.

UPS with 1,500 VA (900 VA in actual) with 195 Amp battery costs Rs 17,200 + 9,200 = Rs 26,400.

UPSs with built-in voltage stabilizers but without built-in batteries range from Rs 14,000 to Rs 115,400.

Over 40 local UPS brands
There are more than 40 locally manufactured and unregistered UPS brands in the market. They include Fuji, MicroTech, Digi Tech, Easy Tech, Soft Tech, Star Tech, Poweron Line, Galaxy, United, Insta Power, Pana Tech, Pak Power, Mega Tech, Ener Tech, Auto Tech, Fantom, Sun Power, Super Power, Offline, UniTex, Uni Power, Power Plus, Auto Care, Peace, Toyo, Pro Line, Royal, Toshiba, Nokia, Auto Volt, Auto Power and Laser. The brands Universal and Stack are the only new brands in the market that are registered. The best-selling UPS brands in the market are Micro Tech, Auto Care, Power Plus and Laser. UPSs are manufactured in over a dozen areas in the city, including Gulistan-e-Johar, Aram Bagh, Regal Chowk, Liaquatabad, Orangi Town and Korangi Town. UPSs from Regal Chowk are available in every nook and cranny of the city, while the rest are sold in their respective places of origin.
It takes 4 to 10 hours to recharge batteries
The standard time needed to fully recharge 195 Amp wet batteries is 10 hours. The recharging duration for 145 Amp and 140 Amp wet batteries is six hours while for 120 Amp wet battery its is four hours.

The recharging duration consumes electricity equal to running an 80W fan for 24 hours, and adds at least Rs 250 to the monthly electricity bill. The more batteries charged, the higher the electricity bills.

May 05, 2010 prices are:
UPS 500 VA costs Rs:7,000.
UPS 1,000 VA UPS (650 Watt) Rs:9,500.
UPS 2,000 VA (1200 Watt) Rs:16,500.
UPS 4,000 VA (2400 Watt) Rs:52,000.

148 thoughts on “UPS Brands, prices and types in Pakistan

  • Asim Ali

    i need a 500/600 watt UPS (pure sine wave) for home should have feature of adjustable charging current and adjustable cuttoff voltage.
    0321-6010750 (Lahore)

  • Abdul Haseeb

    I am Electrical Engineer, i am doing my business of UPS.
    we deal in Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS
    This is an Imported UPS and Brand Name is “UNITHERM”
    we have range is 600VA to 5000VA
    and also provided Batteries (VOLTA,EXIDE,OSAKA, etc..)
    Engr. Abdul Haseeb

  • Anis Muhammad

    I need a UPS system that could run,4 fans, and 4 energy savers. Pls define battery brand name and amp.

  • dr m khan

    hi every body good day,i need a UPS system that could run,4 fans,one fridge,one tv and at least 4 energy savers.i want to install UPS in lahore in a week time.plz contact me thru my e mail if any body want to sell (new)or hav som information.frankly speaking i dont know any thing about this system bcoz i am working abroad in saudi arabia and um sure this kind of energy source nt avilable here.

  • Asim Ali

    i need to buy a UPS 1000VA (600W ).can any one suggest me some gud UPS with adjustable options like charging current should be adjustable.thanx in advance.


    Latest digital technology ,secvre from short circut ,over voltage protection ,over charging protection ,over load protection ,built in stablizer ,auto cheek battery level One year complete warranty GSEL UPS 03004718020

  • Arshad

    We are offering premium quality inverters for domestic use. Currently we are offering 600VA in modified sine wave form and 800VA & 1500VA variants in True sine wave form. These have been tested and used internationally in energy deficient environments and proven to be robust designs and architecturally superior to what is on offer in our market.

    The units have high aesthetic values and come with a hassle free 1year warranty and professional installation services, in Lahore, Gujranwala & Multan only for now.

    So next time you think of buying an inverter talk to us…

    Arshad Rauf

  • Tariq


    You have any requirement of UPS & LINE CONDITIONER contact me 0346-3242802

    Subject: SYSTEK a blend of Foreign Standards and Pakistani Expertise

    Dear Sir:

    We are one of the few R&D based companies in Pakistan which have been manufacturing Power Products for 20 years. We do understand local power conditions as well as requirements of Pakistani enterprises better than anyone else.

    We are proud to announce a significant technological breakthrough in the field of UPS, Stabilizer and Line Conditioner through development of 3rd Generation UPS based on the latest Atmel Series, RISC-Processor and development of Solid State Line Conditioner based on state-of-the-art PWM, Switch Mode Technology.

    Besides these we are also Exclusive Dealer of AEC UPS Brand in Pakistan. AEC is a renowned ITALIAN BRAND having offices world wide, manufactures range of UPS up to 400 kVA.

    Salient models of our Products are as follows:


    Line Interactive /Sine-wave / RISC Processor based Intelligent UPS with AVR.

    Line Interactive /Sine-wave / RISC Processor based Intelligent, SNMP compatible UPS with AVR

    EXCELLENCE: 4.0 kVA ~ 8 kVA
    Line Interactive /Sine-wave / RISC Processor based Intelligent UPS, SNMP compatible with AVR

    ELIXIR: 1.2 kVA ~ 6.6 kVA
    Line Interactive / Pure Sine-wave /Intelligent UPS, SNMP compatible with AVR

    Solid State PWM / Under, Over Voltage, Spikes, Surge Protection / High Response Time (0.02 Sec)/Built-in Isolation Transformer/ Single Phase/ Three Phase

    AEC ITALIAN MAKE: 1.0 kVA ~ 400 kVA
    On Line Double Conversion, Pure Sine-wave, Single Phase and Three Phase, Built-in Isolation

    We will be very grateful, if you spare some time, so that we can convey the advantages of our latest developments and products in person.

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  • Dr. Tariq Sultan

    I’m running a development project and for analytical work we need two UPS (15 kVA) for HPLC and GC for backup support. Please send us the detail technical specifications of your branded UPS along with estimated price. I’ll be highly thankful and obliged of your kind and quick response. I’ll informed you when we’ll tender it on our web side.
    Dr. Tariq Sultan
    Project Incharge, ALP NR-20
    Soil Biology, NARC, Park Road, Islamabad
    Fax: 092-51-9255034
    Tel; 092-51-8443180

  • sheikh

    salam i have designed latest ups for one fan and 2 saver backup time 2 hrs. only Rs 2500/- contact me 0333-2311259
    and many more

  • Irfan Shaikh

    We have a branded New, recondiation UPS, (Off Line, Line Interactive and On-Line) ATS, AMF & Phase Reversal panel. We provide multiple Supports, Installation, services, repair or maintenance. we offering leading brands of quality power product’s services, as well as consultancy services and modified solutions for its client’s power & electrical needs in the Karachi markets. If you have any questions on how we can help you with your power solutions, contact us:

    Irfan Shaikh

  • Fazal Khan

    Dear Sir,Madam.

    I hope to find UPC(complete set) for home,which can provide us.for atleast 2 fan,a freezer,6lights.
    So please guide me & if you can provide me the complete set(NO CHINES).please contact with me.

    Best Wishes

  • Ammad

    we are saling UPS at very low prise in local and imported UPS in all rang of UPS further more contact

  • Riaz Khosa

    Dear Customer,
    I am Business Development Director from

    we are a Pakistan National based company, we are stockiest of UPS, Energy Savers, and LED lights with over 11 years of experience. In these tough times, where it is hard to maintain the top line, we can help share the bottom-line for you.

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    Our primary focus is:
    Import Of UPS New UPS Distribution
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    Import of Energy saving Lamps

    Whole Sale & Retail Led Lights
    Stabilizer and related Power products

    Company Profile and client list attached

    Look forward to a positive reply.


    Riaz Khosa

    Associated Business Technologies (abt)
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    67 – B, Regent Plaza,
    Shahrah-e-Faisal. Karachi
    Tel: 09221 5631573 Fax +9221 5631574

  • Umair

    UMAIR BATTERY SERVICE we are all kind of UPS batterys repair & service. Car’s batterys bhi dastyab hai. plz contact Facebook: Umair Azeem cell#03334100536


    I have a manufacturer of fully digital Autimatic UPS.
    Available 300 watts to 2000 watts. One year parts and Service Guarantee.
    My Challenge that my UPS back up is minimum 4 to 5 hours.
    UPS is setting with controlled charging and fixed volts.

    MOBILE NO: 0301-7321510

  • Zeeshan Ahmad Yousafi

    I have 1000 watts UPS. Which attached 2 batteries of AGS 132 Amps.
    The back up is 3 to 4 hours and 4 fans and 6 energy savours run in this UPS.

    Contact No; 0333-4529058

  • Shahzad Anwer Yousafi

    I have in also use from one year the UPS. The batteries is 120Amp and is very good condition.
    And Back Up time of UPS is 5 to 6 hours.

  • ALI


  • inayatullah

    aby itny mahngy ups beach rha kon layga rate jaiz btao werna aisy he jhakh marta rhyga akal k dushman 2fan one saver k lea ups 200amp batre ko charge krny k lea charging ache ho powerful batree full hony ka bad band charg krk bate on hojjay ok priice plz 03337248483

  • Mrs. Hassan

    I want only dry battery for the UPS I have at my home. I want to run 2 fans and 2 tube lights. And the duration of back-up should be at-least 4 hours. So kindly let me know the price of dry battery as I am so much frustrated from wet-batteries. Have changed 3 batteries in one year. The previous I used was of Exide NS 140. If anyone has used OR using dry battery then please share the experience of you here.

  • yousaf

    i have a Master Guard Siemens UPS with specification of 240 vDC input for sale . any one intrested can contact me on 03339125642

  • azfar

    Dear all,

    Please note that if you require 20 to 25 KVA Generator in Good condition & within reasonable price then directly contact with us.


  • yameen ghori

    we import world no 2 POWERCOM UPS from taiwan.
    we import world no 1 CSB BATTERIES from taiwan.

    -quality protection for small server and workstation.
    -multi device power protection.
    -complete protection for internet computer and advance server.
    -line interactive net work.
    -contained sated capacity for contineous back up.
    -premium power supply for cable t.v.
    -top quality system to power futures mobile world.
    -high frequency IGBT.
    -advance power protection for enterprise network.

    -the batteries extend standby service life 3-5 years +5-10 years.
    -provide hundred-recharge cycle.
    -have low self recharge.
    -useable in any position.

    contact us
    western computer (pvt.)ltd.

  • umeed

    we provied googdquality UPS in your door step ,dry battry and over all kind piecess also available..

  • rizwan

    i am rizwan from abbottabad. i need a ups that can provide a backup of 1hr to my pc.. plz contact with me at 03335037185

    • Muhammad Asif

      AJ Power UPS Features & Benefits:

      •Microprocessor digital control
      •Pure sine wave output
      •High-efficiency and low waste of energy
      •Active tracking
      •UPS/INVETER choice
      •Charger current choice
      •Sound alarm system
      •Soft start inverter
      •Overload and short-circuit protection
      •Smart battery management
      •Perfect load compatibility

      Availability: 800VA , 1500VA
      Made in Taiwan

      Contact: 0322-4456451

  • meena

    This is all rubish. this is sad that people associated to business are very greedy and selfish. The standard backup ups should not cost max over Rs 5000/- these people dont realise that the nation is already suffering from such haram ki kamai. they have no fear of god. every single company manufacturing power ups and other applinaces claim that their items have been made throug imported parts but fact is that all that stuff is home made. such a shame for such a nation……..

  • azfar


    we are dealing in different types of electrical solution… e.g PFI panels, LT/HT panel, UPS / GEN sets, commissioning, etc .. for further details please contact on 03002001229 & 03212444978..athar & azfar chaghtai accordingly.


  • Muhammad Naeem

    Dear Coustomers
    We are in field of UPS from last 12 years with the technical staff having experience of UPS over 18 years with factory training from Singapor & Taiwan
    .If you need any further information regarding this please feel free to contact us.
    We are waiting for your pleasure response towards us.

    Thannks & Regards,

    Muhammad Naeem
    Asst Manager Sales & Technical

    APS Technoloies
    176-y Block D.H.A Lahore

    • azfar

      respected NAEEAM..

      actually we are searching 2.5 kva ups in full sine wave, so do u have the same ?

      azfar chaghtai

    • Zarrar Hussain

      Dear Mr. Asif,

      Kindly tell me on your requirment, i need your contact detail.


      Zarrar Hussain
      0300 825 8753

  • Zarrar Hussain

    Dear Sir,

    We deal all kinds of UPS & Batteries, If you need any kind of Power Solution, pls contact us at 0300-8258753. Zarrar, Karachi Pakistan.Thanks




    i want to buy a ups how much it cost i need it for 3 lights and 2 fans but with a good running time bcoz there is always a loadshading & its diificult to charge in a very short of time or which can charge in a short of time and stays longer looking forward 4 reply plz reply me on my e-mail add looking forward Thx

    • Zarrar Hussain

      @ Maryam
      As for your load you have mentioned above i recomend you to install our 2000va true sine wave ups. ups price is Rupees 45,000/= including shipment charges, with out batteries. it is run on 4 batteries, there is one year comprehansive warranty.


      Zarrar Hussain
      Tel: +92 213 438 4617-9
      Fax: +92 213 438 4620
      Cell: +92 300 825 8753

  • Shahbaz Rashid

    I need such ups that run 3 fan , 3 lights for my home. Please contact me 0333-4400570

  • joy

    Please I need UPS’s from 600va to 300kva can you kindly send your prices to me in dollars via my email,
    I need this information urgently .
    Thank you

  • Imran Yaqoob

    @ Ez Guy
    as for your load you have mentioned above i recomend you to install our 1500va true sine wave ups. ups price is Rupees 20,500/= including shipment charges, with out batteries. it is run on 2 batteries and as for your said backup time you need to install 150 A/h batteries with 23 plates builtin. batteries price aproximately is Rupess, 8600/= each these days but varies time to time.
    there is 2 month on all parts and 1 year on transformer comprehensive gaurantee.

    Imran Yaqoob

    PowerGuard Energy System

  • Sohail

    The Price of UPS (500va) 5500/-. Full one year warranty + Batteries.

    Best Regards
    Sohail Waqas

  • Sohail

    The Price of UPS (1kva) 13000/-. Full one year warranty + Batteries.
    as per your requ,
    Best Regards
    Sohail Waqas

  • Inam Ullah Siddiqui

    We deal all kinds of UPS & Stabilizer spare parts. If you need any kind of spare parts contact us at 0333-8121155. Rehman street siddique colony Gujranwala. Thanks 4 advertisement Goodbye.

  • Ez Guy

    I need to run 3 PC’s and 2 Fans for at least 2 to 3 hours is there somebody who can tell me how much watt ups i need and how many batteries? And how much it gonna cost with and without battery. Thanks

  • Imran Yaqoob

    @ Shaid Mailk
    Thanks for the trust and chance. we will start to Install them within 10 days of this post. again thanks

  • Imran

    @ salim, app ne jo range bolli uss men appko nahi millay ga, appka load he apx.800 se 1000watt.
    1500va 24dc, 1pc+4fans+6savers or(6fans+10savers) rs.19500 taiwan sine wave
    800va 12vdc, 1pc+1fan+2savers or(4fans+4savers) Rs.13500 taiwan sinewave

  • Zeeshan Anjum

    Dear, I need a Power Generator with dual facility GAS and Petrol. I want to be connect with 3 fans or 4 lights (energy savor). If you have any reasonable rate for this equipment please contact me on my email.


  • Imran

    Dear Customers
    please contact me for any detail or information required you install or purchased any kind and technology base ups and inverters. we have much stock in every kind of ups for home and industriel level.
    PowerGuard Energy Systems

  • Hammad

    Dear Friends
    We have Imported UPS Deutsche Power Brand PURE SINE WAVE UPS.500VA TO 500KVA
    Imported UPS with long Backup Time Available for office & home use.

    • Tasawar Hussain

      Dear Hammad, and All,
      I want to use banded UPS for my office. my office load is Aprx 15000W to 20000W. I need your help please let me know which UPS brand is reliable for my office use. and how many KVA, Batteries with all specification my backup requirement 5 to 6 hours. please send me email on

  • sharoze

    UPS with 6 month repairing warrenty
    UPS 3 fan x 6 energy saver
    Rs. 6500/-

    complet package with battery Rs. 14999/- with 2:30 hours backup
    UPS 4 fan x 8 energy saver
    Rs. 7500/-
    complet package with battery Rs. 16999/- with 2:30 hours backup
    UPS 5 fan x 10 energy saver
    Rs. 8500/-
    complet package with battery Rs. 18999/- with 2:30 hours backup
    Installation charges Rs 1500/-


    UPS 3 fan x 6 energy saver
    Rs. 8500/-
    complet package with battery Rs. 16999/- with 2:30 hours backup

    UPS 4 fan x 8 energy saver
    complet package with battery Rs. 18999/- with 2:30 hours backup

    UPS 5 fan x 10 energy saver
    Rs. 10500/-
    complet package with battery Rs. 20999/- with 2:30 hours backup

    Installation charges Rs 1500/-


    CALL AT : 0333-2421289

  • adnan

    The Prices are sucks, today May 05, 2010 prices are:
    UPS 500 VA costs Rs:7,000.
    UPS 1,000 VA UPS (650 Watt) Rs:9,500.
    UPS 2,000 VA (1200 Watt) Rs:16,500.
    UPS 4,000 VA (2400 Watt) Rs:52,000.

  • Saqib

    Dear sir,

    wana purchase 1000 KVA ups for home & office please tell me details of ups n prices.




  • Muhammad Sarwar

    A.A how r u?

    I want to buy a ups with wet batteries for household use upto 1500 watts. what will be its price?
    Plz inform me about all the brands of ups and batteries and their prices.


  • asim

    i need UPS for 6 PCs with 17″ LCD. Back up time should be 4 hours & It can be charged by generator also. Please advise and mention the price as well.

    • Imran


      Asim 1,200 watt ups on load 6 P’C 17″ LCD and back time minimun 3:30 hour and easyly charg you contect me my email id

    • Imran


      Asim 12,00 watt UPS for 6 PCs with 17″ LCD. Back up time should be minimum 4 hours.If you contect me you mail my above email id.

    • Furqan

      Dear Changez Khan and others. I have experience of Homeage branded UPS, made in china. It’s a poor quality Invertor with some manufectring faults in the charging system and fluxing problems. It didn’t charge your batteries dry or wet properly and results in the short life of batteries and also after few months its charging system stop working and under charge the bettteries. 7 different fellows of mine has the same complaint and some other also for their poor quality services and poor qwuality of homeage. I have tested the betteries and homeage invertor after observing the low backup time. The batteries were fine with other local brand UPS but homeage invertor was just showing the status of batteries fulkl but not charging. The homeage customer service center repplied that it’s ok and charging , every time i go to their service center they didn’t accept any claim and said that they have tested it’s ok. The batteries are workingwell and giving fulkl backup time with other UPS and homeage is not charging the batterie and bakup time is just half an hour and other UPS is giving 3 hours with same batteries. In short the invertor has poor quality experienced by my 7 fellows and poor customer services and they dont know the faults also and dont know how to deal with it. It’s a low quality china product so dont every go for it. and don’t listen to their remarks that it;s big company etc it’s all a marketing gimmics.

      For more details u may talk to me 0300-4101870

  • bestupsproviders

    We have the best solution of load shedding by providing you the best UPS of high quality in very low rates (with one year warrantee).

    Now you can get bestups of high quality and with good efficiency by doing a simple thing.
    Just pick up your phone and call us on the numbers mentioned below and the ups will be installed at your home and you can enjoy your life. WE are waiting for you to providing you our best services. So feel free to contact


    • Nasir

      I am interested to buy a dry battery. Give me the price and details. My contact detail is 0321-2447162.

  • Imran

    @abbas, 500w ups with battry 12,000 and without battry 7,500 and 99.9% copper transfarmer and wire plz contect me my number is 0322 8062178

    • mohsin

      how much is 1500 watt ups for how long 1 PC 4 energy savers and 4 fans could run on it …i need atleast 4 hours of back up ?

    • Imran Yaqoob

      @Naveed, 1050 watt ka ups jo 2 batteries k sath chalta he, iss ki price he. 19000pkr sine wave ups with built in hi charge modules to charge the batteries in short time
      Imran Yaqoob. 0300-6401612

  • Usman

    i need to buy a 500 VA UPS .
    Which is the most reliable brand in good price to buy from esp whose parts are avaiblable .
    Working on one wet battery.

    Also is there any good repairing shop which can fix chinese/foriegn UPS .

    Also brand new Battery for sale at control price.
    2 Batteries of 130 V Osaka. Rs 7000 each. One year warranty intact.

    Kindly contact at
    or 03334253170

  • AYUB

    HI Imran!yar aik ups chaheye jo 1pc,4fans aur 4energy saver ko 3hours tk chla sakay price range RS;10000 tk ho

    • Imran Yaqoob

      @AYUB, janab app ka system 4 fans 1 pc and 4 energy systems k liye app ko install kerna ho ga 1200va ka ups jiss ki final price he, 16500. yeh pure sine wave high frequency ups he. jo k e tpye transformer k sath hota he, iss men battery ko rapid charge kernay k liye special charging inverter builtin he. jo app ki batteries ko short time men full charge ker sakta he jab doosera koi system na ker skay. 0300-6401612

  • Shahid Malik

    Dear Imran Thanks for the providing us the best ups for our branches, we are satisfied with your online brands hope to contact you very soon for some more installations in the same brand for islamabad,faisalabad,multan

  • Imran

    for the installation of sollar energys systems instead for ups contact us


    • Nasir

      Please give me details of solar system and UPS with dry battery (other then china). My contact detail is 0321-2447162.


  • Majid

    majid here
    i have branded ups APC and LIEBERT i want to sale these if u r willing to purchase plz contact me 03129369395

  • Shahid Mailk

    @Imran Yaqoob,
    dear imran thanks for the reply, we wished to install your 2kva online ups with our medical lab and computers. we need 4 units in diffrent stations in punjab

    • Naveed Anjum

      @Shahid Mailk,

      About Us
      InComSols is one of the largest suppliers of Imported and local UPS’s in Pakistan in today’s “always on, always available” world where businesses can’t stop. As a global leader in network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions, InComSols sets the standard in its industry for quality, innovation support and after sale services. Its comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.

      Parts & Services
      We carry an extensive spare parts inventory. We sell only those equipments, which we can maintain and service for our clients. Our “service contract” program is next-to-none and provides complete solution for discerning clients. Under certain circumstances, we provide the temporary replacement for our equipments during the warranty claims or if covered in the comprehensive service contract.

    • Sohail

      (POWER ZONE)
      The Price of UPS (2kva) 24000/-. Full one year warranty + Batteries.

      Best Regards
      Sohail Waqas

  • Imran Yaqoob

    PowerGuard Energy Systems offer whole sale prices for dealers on quantity matter in online high frequecny double conversion ups with lcd display, good for running on all load. rating available is 1kva and 2kva. ask for the pictures
    0300-6401612, 055-3732767, Fax# 055-4212032



    you can run tv, fridgr, deep freeser,water pump,
    fan light computer, and sensitive machines of lab
    blood bank, etc. any communication stand by

  • Imran Yaqoob

    Dear Ghulam Mustafa,
    we have diffrent brands in ups of both online and line interactive technology, online ups are built on high frequency double conversion. it is being installed with medical equipments, CNG machines, computers and network servers, where as lineinteractive ups is good for fans lights and compuetrs. i suggest you to install online ups if you like to install with your CNG stations. if only lights fans and compuetrs are matter than line interactive ups is sufficient to full fil your demand.pease send me your email address on BUSIMEN@HOTMAIL.COM i will send you the pictures of online ups. POWERGUARD ENERGY SYSTEMS. TRUST PLAZA GUJRANWALA 0300-6401612



    • Jahanzaib Nawaz


      Dear Ghulam Mustafa,

      We are dealing in branded UPS. You can contact me on my cell# 0321-4857561, or plz give me your email address so that i can forward you some technical and commercial information related to UPS.

      With best regards.

      Jahanzaib Nawaz

      • mohsin

        im looking for 1500 watt ups for how long 1 PC 4 energy savers and 4 fans could run on it …i need atleast 4 hours of back up ? only ups …and whats the difference between dry batteries and the other common batteries ..which ones are best ….confused?

      • shafqat

        sir plz send me 1000 watts and 1200 watts ups rate list and send me load detail and contact number and some more information plz



    aoa i required 03 no. of ups of 2KVA with dry cell type of foreign make except china if some body have please reply

    • Sohail

      Dear Mr. Mustafa

      We deal in Branded UPS 600 to 200KVA with full one year warranty + Batteries if you want to know any details feel free to you.

      Best Regards
      Sohail Waqas
      Cell # 0321-2320993

  • Imran Yaqoob

    ups rate list for home load and computers. for 2 Pc or 4 fans and 4 Tube lights cost including battery of 200 A/h is,17500 backup time 3 to 4 hours….. 2 fans or 1pc icluding battery of 150 A/h 13500 for further please contact 0300-6401612

      • azfar

        Farhat .. plz call me for further detail , i have 1500 watt imported UPS with or without batteries in 24 volts..

        contact no. 03002001229/03212444978

  • Imran Yaqoob

    Dear Friends,
    we are dealing in all kinds of ups ans security cams, if any one need the information or required such implements for home office or factory please contact me via mobile. 0300-6401612

  • zafar iqbal

    dear sir
    I reguired only dry betteries in 200 AH please sed me prices of different kinds of beetteries

    for regard

  • Sardar Imran

    I require 12 X 40AH Dry sealed maintenance batteries(lead acid) deep dischared above 100 quantities. Need best prices with warranty.

    looking forward to your earlist response.

    Sorry i mistook in email address.

  • Sardar Imran

    I require 12 X 40AH Dry sealed maintenance batteries(lead acid) deep dischared above 100 quantities. Need best prices with warranty.
    looking forward to your earlist response.

  • Ali

    sir i want 12 volt 12 Am dry battry in use
    and also 12 volt 7 Am dry battery in use
    Plz contact with me Ali Raza
    Phone # 0322-4106180

  • abid

    kindly let me know the
    1. Price of 750 va UPS
    (famous company of Pakistan or abroad) medium size and quality (price round about 7000 to 7500 only)
    (2 fans and 2 tubes can ON)
    2. Best quality of Battery (volta, exide or AGS)
    Thanks you

    • Sohail

      Dear Mr. Abid

      1) The Price of 750 VA 6500/- Full 1 year warranty of UPS + Battery.

      Best Regards
      Sohail Waqas
      Cell # 0321-2320993

  • Muhammad Shahid

    hello how are you i required the dry battry ups

    I think wet batteries are more economical than dry batteries for UPS. I don’t see any advantage in looking for dry battery UPS specially for household use.

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