UPS Brands, prices and types in Pakistan

UPSs with built-in dry batteries range from Rs 7,000 to Rs 117,000.

UPS 500 VA (300 VA actually) good for running 1 PC costs Rs 7,000.

UPS 1,000 VA (650 VA actually) good for running 3 PCs costs Rs 12,500.

UPS 1,500 VA UPS (900 VA in actual) that could run 4 PCs costs Rs 25,800.

UPS 2,200 VA (1,800 in actual) capable of running 5 to 6 PCs costs Rs 35,900.

UPS 3,300 VA (3,000 VA in actual) that runs 8 to 9 PCs costs Rs 45,500.

UPS 4,000 VA (3,500 VA) capable of running 12 to 13 PCs costs Rs 80,400.

UPS 5,000 VA (4,500 VA in actual) that is capable of running 15 to 16 PCs costs Rs 96,000.

UPS 6,000 VA (5,500 VA in actual) capable of running 18 to 20 PCs costs Rs 117,000. The back-up duration for these UPSs is between 10 and 15 minutes.

UPSs without built-in batteries and built-in voltage stabilizers and which require wet batteries range from Rs 7,500 to Rs 17,200.

The prices of wet batteries range from Rs 5,500 and Rs 9,500.

UPS with 50 0VA (300 VA in actual) with wet battery with 120 Ampere (Amp) costs Rs 7,500 + Rs 5,500 = Rs 13,000.

UPS with 1,500 VA (900 VA in actual) with 195 Amp battery costs Rs 17,200 + 9,200 = Rs 26,400.

UPSs with built-in voltage stabilizers but without built-in batteries range from Rs 14,000 to Rs 115,400.

Over 40 local UPS brands
There are more than 40 locally manufactured and unregistered UPS brands in the market. They include Fuji, MicroTech, Digi Tech, Easy Tech, Soft Tech, Star Tech, Poweron Line, Galaxy, United, Insta Power, Pana Tech, Pak Power, Mega Tech, Ener Tech, Auto Tech, Fantom, Sun Power, Super Power, Offline, UniTex, Uni Power, Power Plus, Auto Care, Peace, Toyo, Pro Line, Royal, Toshiba, Nokia, Auto Volt, Auto Power and Laser. The brands Universal and Stack are the only new brands in the market that are registered. The best-selling UPS brands in the market are Micro Tech, Auto Care, Power Plus and Laser. UPSs are manufactured in over a dozen areas in the city, including Gulistan-e-Johar, Aram Bagh, Regal Chowk, Liaquatabad, Orangi Town and Korangi Town. UPSs from Regal Chowk are available in every nook and cranny of the city, while the rest are sold in their respective places of origin.
It takes 4 to 10 hours to recharge batteries
The standard time needed to fully recharge 195 Amp wet batteries is 10 hours. The recharging duration for 145 Amp and 140 Amp wet batteries is six hours while for 120 Amp wet battery its is four hours.

The recharging duration consumes electricity equal to running an 80W fan for 24 hours, and adds at least Rs 250 to the monthly electricity bill. The more batteries charged, the higher the electricity bills.

May 05, 2010 prices are:
UPS 500 VA costs Rs:7,000.
UPS 1,000 VA UPS (650 Watt) Rs:9,500.
UPS 2,000 VA (1200 Watt) Rs:16,500.
UPS 4,000 VA (2400 Watt) Rs:52,000.

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  1. i need a 500/600 watt UPS (pure sine wave) for home should have feature of adjustable charging current and adjustable cuttoff voltage.
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