Guide to buying a UPS

By Irfan Aligi

KARACHI: The sale of electric generators and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) has increased by 200 percent with the arrival of summer and the incessant load shedding being experienced in the city.

UPS sellers have increased the price of UPSs by an average of Rs 2,000, seeing the market trend, however their quality has gone down. Regal Chowk in Saddar Town is the largest UPS market with almost 100 UPS retail shops. Each UPS retailer in this market sells at least five sets a day. It is not only the sale that has increased but also the sale of wet batteries and voltage stabilizers – necessary accessories for a UPS.

The increased load shedding in the city has seen people spending large amounts of cash on devices to protect their electronic appliances, personal computers and the valuable data stored in them. Alleviating the pain of rising temperatures and bad ventilation, combined with a lack of electricity for running fans and air conditioners, is another reason for the increased sale of UPSs, various UPS vendors informed Daily Times.

The description of power output in terms of voltage (V) and Watts (W) does not match the actual incorporated capacity of the UPS. For example, if it says that the UPS manifests 500 W on the box, the device more than likely offers 300 W only. Likewise, a 1,250 W UPS probably has a capacity of 500 W, a 1,500 W UPS, 700 W and a 1,800W UPS 800 W, Daily Times learnt.

A UPS is sold and bought on the basis of its load bearing capacity. Normally, customers are unaware of which UPS will suffice their needs. They simply ask the vendor to sell them a UPS that will run a TV, tube lights and fans. Which brand to give a customer is up to the vendor, and most shopkeepers sell the brand with the highest profit margins.

UPSs with 300 VA, capable of running two tube lights and two fans, are the cheapest you can buy and are demanded the most, UPS vendor Rao Suhail Hameed told Daily Times.

Hameed said that the customer should always enquire about the transformers and transistors used in the UPS as most UPSs use Chinese transistors and transformers made from aluminum wire. UPSs with transformers made from pure copper wire and transistors made in Malaysia are more reliable.

The UPSs with Chinese transistors and aluminum wire are faulty and customers frequently bring them back to the vendors for repair a couple of times a month. Although most vendors offer free repair and services, the customers have to bear transport charges and not to mention the inconvenience. Thus a 5,000-rupee UPS easily ends up costing someone Rs 9,000 in a year, he said.

UPS users should ensure their house is earthed because the lack of earthing can damage the fuses and transistors in the UPS, he added.
Courtesy: Daily Times, 16/4/2008

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  4. Dear Rashid Qaisrani

    I am facing the same issue…..plz tell me if your issue is resolved and how. As i just bought it 3-4 days back. As per Aurora mannual, it is supposed to cut of at 230, but somehow, the charging does not go above 226-227.
    Help plz 🙂

  5. I am using Aurora UPS modified SINE Wave 1000VA/600 watts. I am facing the problem that the UPS is continously charging the battery for last 4 days without being used as there is no loadshedding and the fans of ups is continously running.I have taken the UPS to Aurora office they checked the UPS and found that the UPS does not cut off charging even when the battery is fully charged and continously supply a charge of 0.7 to 0.8 Amperes to fully charged battery. My question is that wheter it is a fault or not that the UPS continously charge the fully charge battery with 0.7 Amperes for ever without being used in case of no loadshedding and the UPS does not cut off charging it will in any way damage the battery or not. Please reply me at the earliest

  6. @Bilal, the company that you have mentioned is selling NETCCA brand, which is they claim is imported from germany. All i have been able to find over the net is a chinese company manufacturing Germany NETCCA ups models.
    They have 2 models
    650 VA @ 9,500 PKR
    1200 VA @ 15,000 PKR requires 2 150A batteries
    If this brand is chinese then whts the difference between these and others and is the higher price being charged justified?

    1. @lookingforups,
      I know that UPS is made in China.. but as far I have seen they r not using typically chinese technology. We all know that even loads of European and American manufacturers r doing their manufacturing in China these days. Even some of these companies are getting these UPS made by these chinese manufacturers on OEM basis and then putting their Brand name on it.
      Chinese manufacturer offer three level of quality BEST, AVERAGE, LOW , higher the qulity , higher the price will be. And it’s misfortune that our Pakistani market is totally price concious, that is why most of our Pakistani UPS suppliers buy low cost UPS with cheap quality. Now the reason why I am a big fan of NETCCA brand coz though it’s a bit expensive product but against this price they r offering best quality suiting our worse power condition of PAKISTAN. as they say ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. I am an engineer as well and I conducted a detailed technical overview on this UPS and to be honest in these power crises situation this is the best I’ve found till yet in PAKISTAN, performing even better than APC. as APC has pure sinewave but not trickle charging whereas NETCCA has pure sinewave plus it has automatic trickle charging as well. Now I have relplaced my APC units in my factory and Put various ratings of NETCCA like 1.2kva , 2kva, 3.3kva with wet batteries and I am surely getting 100 times better results from APC, I’ve recommended this brand to all my family people and my friends and they r all pretty happy with it. And the main thing Service level of NETCCA’s distributors in PAKISTAN is just great. so in my opinion be quality concious rather the price concious as it saves loads of ur cost in long term.

  7. Hi, Let me know which company of UPS performance is good? I bought one local UPS but it always have a battery charging problem. Suppose if the battery wants to charge for 10 hours then it trip the charing after one hour. when I give for maintenance then the thing comes out that either it can charge one hour or charging all day & night continuosly although it have the variable and relay.when fan runs, then noise come.let me know any good performance UPS brand and tell me the quality and technical details of Systek, Universal and Steck UPS.


    1. @Asad, I am using a great Imported UPS which has perfect solution for such problem, As far as I see this UPS is specially designed for such worse power conditions like we have in Pakistan. I am using it for more than last 2 years and never had a problem, recommend it to many other people as well. And they are using it successfully as well.
      The solution this UPS offering for such problem is that it had TRICKLE CHARGER built-in. In simple words it had intelligent battery charging system , Battery charger is intelligent and supply the current requested by the batteries. To make it more simple it charge the battery faster in less time and when battery gets it’s level charging automatically goes slow. For example if your battery is 90% drain then, It will supply high charging current like 7 amp or 8 or even 12amp (depending on UPS and Battery Rating) and when battery start getting stable, charging current automatically decreases. Which keep the battery safe as well and also increase battery life. this feature is perfect in environment where power failure ratio is very high , like after every one hour power goes off for 1 hour.
      This UPS has strong AVR with surge/spike protection, has LCD disply which shows . Load Percentage in UPS, Battery Status, Input Voltage, Out put Voltage and also Frequency at DC Mode. Can work with all kind of batteries and huge ratings like 12 volt 200AMP or 300 or 400AMP.

      This company has offices in all over Pakistan, like in Lahore , Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad. I bought from their Lahore office so here are their Lahore office contact details

      Ali Business Machines (pvt) ltd
      Ph: 042-35760830 , 35718280
      Email :


  8. hello, i just wanted to add that a ups that uses a transformers to recharge the battery is not a very good option to go with as of 2009. Since these ups always end up ruining the battery (which is the most expensive part of a ups) when buy a ups in the future ask for “inverters with build in chargers” these products are not transformer based, they have a switching system build in them to create that DC current much like the power supply of a computer. Another thing, when buying the inverter look for ” three stage charging ” written on the box and always map the amount of watts you need before buying an inverters. A 1000va inverters equals to 600watts because watts and VAs are two different measurements.

    500va/300watts costs 5000rs without battery
    1000va/600watts costs 8500rs without battery
    2000va/1200watts i do not know that price of this model.

    Take care and enjoy your back up system 🙂

    1. hi brian, am impressed with ur knowledge it is really helpfull as im searching in market for a ups system. want to install it in pakistan. i want to run 1 tube light on it 2 ceiling fans(or pedestal fans) and a tv. for approximatly 6-10 hours a day as energy crises are gripping pakistan. if you could please tell us the configration of UPS which one is suitable for us would be really helpfull. another thing around how long these things takes to recharge full and then for how long they can run with the mentioned load.
      thank you brian

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