Apr 152008


 “So was Musharraf a dictator or wasn’t he?”

“Don’t be facetious.”

“Well someone who is very close to him says that he was never a dictator and the proof is in the pudding.”

“And what type of pudding is it? The Lota pudding.”

“Don’t be facetious I said.”

“OK so what was the proof, ie that Musharraf was never a dictator according to this person very close to Musharraf?”

“No dams were built during Musharraf’s tenure.”

“And as a consequence the country is reeling from a power crisis.”

“Right and this person close to the President must be told that the only good thing about a dictator is that he can force a bitter pill down the throats of the people; and Musharraf should have used his complete powers to insist on building a dam or two during the eight years he was in power.”

“That’s funny, while he was in power he made sure that the power available to the people would decline over time as population rose…”

“Figuratively and literally…”

“But this person close to Musharraf says not building a dam is indicative of his refusal to impose his will on others?”

“When Musharraf agreed to fight Bush’s war on terror the country was not with him.”

“It was in the national interest.”

“And who defines that?”

“Why Musharraf, of course.”

“Precisely and another bitter pill that the public didn’t want to ingest was when he fired the Chief Justice the first time?”

“OK, but that was the Prime Minister’s fault.”

“Yes of course and then he declared emergency without justification?”

“True but…”

“And he amended the constitution whenever it suited him.”

“I give up.”

Courtesy: Business Recorder, April 14 2008

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