Zardari ignores messages of Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD:ÊClose associates of late Benazir Bhutto, Dr Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan, had sent a secret message to the Zardari House to contradict a report in The News about a shocking perception that they, along with Amin Fahim, were responsible for her assassination. But there has been no response after almost a week.

The couple had sent the messageÊlast Sunday but the Zardari House was yet to issue a contradiction of the report as demanded by Dr Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan.

When contacted by The News, the Information Secretary of the PPP, Sherry Rehman, said she had no idea about the message or something like that.

However, unlike Naheed and Abbasi, Amin Fahim did not send any message to the Zardari House. He, however, gave his own reaction to The News to incorporate it in the main story. MAF was of the view that this was totally ridiculous to think that any one of them sitting besides Benazir was responsible for her martyrdom.

MAF said they were risking their lives by traveling with Benazir, knowing well that she was the target of suicide bombings.

MAF had pointed out that he used to sit on one side of Benazir and Naheed Khan on the other, so that they should be hit first and not Benazir Bhutto.ÊÊ

It is believed that this wild and laughable allegation, which was to be made public by a PPP senator at some point in the near future, was aimed at defusing the desperate campaign of MAF to become the prime minister.

However, the leakage of this plan is said to have killed it as no one in the ranks of the party was ready to believe the involvement of the three top lieutenants of Benazir Bhutto in her assassination.

Earlier, soon after the publication of the shocking story, Dr Safdar Abbasi, the spouse of Naheed Khan, had sent a message to Asif Ali Zardari that the PPP should contradict a report published in The News last week that there was a strong perception in the camp of Zardari that Naheed Khan, Amin Fahim and Safdar Abbasi were responsible for the killing of Benazir Bhutto.

Safdar had conveyed through the messenger that if the contradiction was not issued, then he would use his right to defend himself in the media.

The news of the alleged implication of Naheed and Dr Safdar had come as a big shock not only for the spouse but also for the rest of the party leaders.ÊSources close to Dr Safdar Abbasi confirmed to The News that he was shocked to read the story attributed to some sources in the ranks of the PPP close to Asif Zardari.

He was not ready to believe that such kind of perception could take roots within the party. This disbelief is said to have convinced him to send a message to the Zardari House.
Courtesy: The News, 21/3/2008


  1. It is interesting to note that Benazir Bhutto’s two most trusted persons, Naheed khan and Amin Fahim are the first target of Asif zardari whereas he is trying to develop consensus with opponent political parties. Most of the people consider it smart moves of Asif Zardari but to my understanding, he is not showing political maturity because in the end his party will have to stand against those political parties. The main beneficiaries of any split in Peoples Party will be Sharif Brothers. Any split in Peoples Party will severely damage its position in Sindh.
    Anyway there are a lot of events yet to come in the near future to determine the abilities of Asif Zardari as the head of Pakistan’s most important political party

  2. saira khan

    Zardari will remain a corrupt soul no matter how many cases are withdrawn , he will remain a playboy, its time to play with pakistan now.It seems like a cat is trust gaurding a bowl of milk.
    He has played a vital role in damaging peoples party , a task even Zia and Musharaf failed to complete.Zardari can even use his own children to quich his thirst for greed.
    Its a shame Benazir could not prepare any leader within the party to succeed her, unfortunately , as she was struggling for democracy she forgot to have one in her own party like most of our politicians do.

  3. Danish Jinia

    Regarding this matter, i would like to say as a member of Pakistan Peoples Party. Mrs Naheed Khan & Mr. Safdar Abbasi are very honest,loyel person with Bibi & with pakistan. I am very much disappointed with above matter because, whaterver rumor spread its not true. We should give respect to both of them.

  4. shahzada kokandi

    If anybody knows who killed Benazir Bhutto,it is Miss Naheed khan and Mr.Ameen Faheem,because they were with her in the same vehicle at the time of her assasination.ShAHINSHAH,who was put there as security chief by Mr.Zardari,actually shot and killed Benazeer inside the vehicle when there was the blast.Naheed Khan and Ameen Faheem know this but cannot say it because of the fear of Zardari.Mr. Shahanshah was later eliminated by Mr.Zardari to wipe out his own footsteps.

  5. shahzada kokandi

    A day will come, very soon,when Miss Naheed Khan,Mr.Ameen Faheem and Mr.Safdar Abbasi Or any one of them will gather enough courrage to go public and give the name of SHAHANSHAH as the killer of Benazeer Bhutto.Mr.Zardari is a plunderer and a theif. He has stolen from Benazeer Bhutto her her PARTY,het family NAME and her family PROPERTY.

  6. zubair

    The people who belief on the dreams truthness

    seen that Benazir Bhutto was reading a message reading from the soil the and delivered on the mobile phone when she finishes the message she pulled her dopata and wanted to write some thing on that, i forwaded my note book to write on it she accepted the note book with thanks,i say you are dead how you be visible , by replaying with smile she says that now my sol is free with more power as my sol was in the body with restriction

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