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Four Naval base raiders were not Pakistanis

Police have received the DNA report of four terrorists killed during attack on PNS Mehran. The samples from the four terrorists do not match DNA databank in Pakistan. They have been identified as Eurasian nationals, according to the DNA test report.

According to police officials, DNA samples of the four terrorists were sent to Islamabad for testing. The officials added that these samples did not match the DNA databank in Pakistan. Report said that all the attackers were Anglo-Indian and had a close relation with each other. Police sources told that two separate samples of all the four accused were sent for DNA test to identify their nationality. The sources said that according to report, the accused were either brothers or cousins.

At least 10 navy and two Rangers personnel were killed while 14 security officials were wounded in the terrorist attack on PNS Mehran on May 22. The insurgents also destroyed two US made surveillance aircrafts.

According to sources, DNA cannot be used to determine the nationality of an individual. NADRA currently has a record of the registration of approximately 100 million people. In order to identify the terrorists, their pictures were taken using the most advanced cameras along with their fingerprints. These did not match with the data maintained by NADRA.

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