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Beards in religion

Although beard has been observed in all the societies of the world but only Muslims have been made target due to it. Since the times immemorial beard has been observed by humans.

Greek mythology

Even the Greek mythology reveals that Zeus and Poseidon were with beards. Beard has played a role in almost all the religions of the world. The beard is also a symbol of an itinerant and abstemious lifestyle.

Beard in Hinduism

Hinduism is considered one of the oldest religions of the world. Its followers keep beard according to their dharma they follow. Hindu priests are often long-haired or unshaven .their beard is according to their gods whom they worship. The idols they worship are even without moustaches, as a symbol of nobility. Only, ‘rakhsas’ and ‘asuras’ have moustaches and they are symbol of evil. Almost all the spiritual personalities as are called ‘Sadhus’ and ‘yogis’ have beards and those very long.

Beard in Judaism

‘’The Bible states that you shall not round the corners of your heads; neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard” Poskim explains this in the words that Jews should not shave their beards with razor. The latest poskim have set forth the verdict that shaving is totally forbidden even with the scissors. The Zohar or the Jewish mysticism ascribes sanctity to the beard therefore the Hasidic Jews do not shave even do not trim their beards.


The Christians portray Jesus always with a beard from the fourth century. In paintings and statues most of the Old Testament Biblical characters such as Moses and Abraham and Jesus’ are with beards. The disciples as St Peter and others, as John the Baptist, John the Apostle are bearded.

In Eastern Christianity, the priests wear beard and many catholic believers think it a sign of religious norms.


Muhammad PBUH favored growing a beard and Trimming the mustaches. Almost All Muslim scholars are of the view that wearing beard is commendable by the Prophet. Some of them are of the view that it is obligatory and shaving it is a sin. If a Muslim shaves his beard he is considered sinful but is not ostracized from the pail of Islam.

Beard in Sikhism

In this religion beard is a vital part of the male human kept as such and special care should be taken for its look after. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru made it necessary part of Sikhism. Rastafarian Movement considers beard as pact with god. In Taoism beard is also grown. The above survey clearly reveals the truth that beard is part of human body and almost all the religion has a special reverence for it. Why the beard of a Jew is respectable and that of a Muslim make him terrorist? A Sikh never shaves his beard and also many Hindu yogis and sadhus do the same, why they are not terrorist? The beard has nothing with this terrible enigma of humanity, the terrorism. There are all religious communities involved in the extremism, it does not matter they wear beard or not.

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